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905: Not All Frat Bros


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Rod and Karen are joined by John Minus to discuss being a crazy ex, dating, NCAA, hot food, Redmayne, HBCUs, more SAE problems, Angie Stone, the Migos concert, Tina Campbell, dating funny women, Bill Cosby, BallerAlert, baseball stone, masturbation on sister, flashing at Target, sasquatch and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anzidavis

    I am no longer shocked or surprised by people’s biases/prejudices and/or racism. It is more of “thanks for letting me know what you really think/feel”.

  2. Gem

    i went to an historically Black, all-women’s college – it’s a wonder i’m able to function properly in a world dominated by white males. sometimes i struggle forming complete sentences when in a room full of people of different races or with penises. it’s tricky.

    but seriously, i loved my Black women’s college experience and wouldn’t trade it for the world. it was the most diverse academic setting i’ve ever been in. i truly believe the Black college experience offers invaluable life lessons that you cant get at PWIs. though i recognize the HBCU – or all women’s – experience isn’t for everybody, it’s certainly one i encourage young Black students to consider. even if only for a semester on domestic exchange.

  3. Tunde

    I’m glad that you and Karen kind of nipped John’s statement about not letting his future kids attend a HBCU in the bud. There are a lot of misconceptions about HBCUS. On the HBCU/PWI debate that’s rehashed on twitter time and time again I’m really tired of it. Instead of focusing the attention on those racist white boys (and girls because no one is talking about those Tri Deltas in the video) we’re debating among ourselves about inconsequential things. Attend the school which works for you. Maybe the one who offers you the most money?

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