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904: SAE What?


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Rod and Karen discuss Suge Knight, Sean Penn doesn’t apologize, Girl Scout Cookie privilege, Lawrence Lockman, CIAA surcharge, Rand Paul on gay marriage, LGBTQ bathrooms in Charlotte, Apple announcement, Republicans write a letter to Iran, terrorist calls a new station, Ferguson PD, SAE, parking dispute, 7,000 mile rejection, suicide selfie, bad teacher and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I love it when people act like marriage has stayed the same through out human history. Marriage today isn’t even like it was a hundred years ago. So why would it stay the same now? There is no reason to deny gay people the right to get married except to get the support of bigots who can vote.

  2. Cappadonna

    First, I’ve got to give props to Sean Penn for not giving two fucks about making a bad joke. Yes, it was off color – but it was a joke and the man he was roasting, Alejandro Iñárritu, wasn’t offended. Even if it falls flat, stand by the joke.

    Second, are we really surprised that Senator Chihuahua Hair Piece is offended by gay marriage? This is the same man who thought he could roll into Howard University and educate those Negroes on Black history and talks about drones and invasion of privacy, while he was travelling to a conference on curbing reproductive rights. Rand Paul is a full on bigot who occasionally stumbles in a good idea. Also, do you think that he would be a serious in the Republican Party if he weren’t hating these gays? Not surprised, not surprised at all.

    Props to Charlotte for being inclusive to trans people. Having lived in cities my whole life and having met plenty of trans people – I’m still baffled about how people get so freaked out about things that frankly don’t concern them. Woman or man, gay or straight – you’re in the bathroom to remove waste from your body. Queer people are just like everyone else, they want go to the bathroom, take a relieving piss and go on about their day. There’s no gay agenda to serve Semen Lattes and make glory holes at Douglass international. And to keep 100 – If you’re close enough to check out someone else’s backyard plumbing in the bathroom, you’re off task and getting a little intimate with a stranger. So, in language bigots can understand, (ahem)

    Hey, you!! Stop staring at the tranny’s junk, get those dueces out your ass and go about your day, you fucking perv. You’re holding up the line. And don’t forget to wash your hands, you nasty bastard!”

    And no, I’m not angry – Cappa

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