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903: Go Fund Yourself


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Rod and Karen discuss the latest salvo in Mo’Nique vs Lee Daniels, Kanye West selling air, GoFundMe campaigns, SNL Empire skit, stankin’ old wine, divorce reasons, black and blue dress domestic violence ad, Harrison Ford crash, Wu Tang album, Malik Yoba, Ben Carson, 50 Shades sex, Applesbees burning, Samantha Bee, Holder report on Ferguson, Chris Brown baby saga, KKK Billboard, white history month sign, slavery game, Arizona, the trouble with schools, Alday, slashing, underground man cave, butt grabber and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    I know the point of Fucking with Black people is for us not to get mad but I’m mad a shit. The one about the physics teacher teaching white privilege is very interesting because it is another example of the hypocrisy of Fox News. University Prep in Seattle is a private high school and when has Fox ever condoned criticizing the practices of a private institution? Also, they are now against non science topics being thought in science courses. But isn’t Fox the same people who want Creationism taught in tandem with or excluding evolution in biology courses. What do people really fear will happen when those kids learn about white people?

    Also, you guys are sooooooo right about people losing their damn minds over 50 Shades of Grey. I guessing that these people have been suppressing their freakiness for a while and now that some “acceptable smut” is available they’re going overboard. People looked at me strange because I had the gall to bring up porn when they were discussing the book and movie.

  2. SugahBabe

    Re: Toronto Tunneler. It sent the whole city into a tizzy. We really all thought that it was terror-related especially since we had that lone gunman attack on the Parliament a couple of months ago and we’ve had a number of teens/young adults who’ve run off to fight with ISIS. LISTEN! I was just as floored when his pic came up on the news and he turned out to be black! I def had a nigga, what moment. Turns out he’s worked in construction for over 7 years and he borrowed equipment and got free material to dig his ‘man-cave’. That’s how they managed to trace it to the company he worked for and to him. I totally get why he was reluctant to come forward. The authorities even sent out the bat signal worldwide to tunnel experts to see if they could help crack the case. I’m just glad he wasn’t charged with DWB (digging while black).

  3. Orlando Green

    Hey there Rod and Karen. I just wanted to leave a quick comment about the slave game. When I was teaching I thought the same as you when one of the other teachers told me about. Being the science teacher, I figured I’d investigate this game. I then went and played through it and I must say it was different from what I thought. Can the game alone “teach” about slavery? No, not at all, but can it be a jumping off point for a discussion about slavery? Definitely, and that’s just what I did. I used the no win situations in the game to tell my students about some hard truths that slaves would face. We played the game as a class and when giving the kids a hard and uncomfortable look into slavery it was an effective tool. I can’t remember which episode it was, but Elon covered the game on TWIB as well. Thanks for a great show and I hope this comment doesn’t earn me a visit from Rod’s bee emoji army. Take care you two!


    • Cappadonna

      I gotta go with Orlando, a game can be used for educational purposes, if done correctly. (In fact, I had an idea for using gaming to teach about the underground railroad back in college).

      The problem is that its easy to become a very boring word game (like those crappy games they made about the state capitals & Presidents for kids back when I saw my first computer in elementary school.) to some Assassin’s Creed style nonsense where the history is secondary to running around and sneaking. Again, it’s tricky but it can be done. (Side Note: Still need to finish that PS Vita Version with the Creole chick stalking through New Orleans.)

      I wouldn’t give that 100, maybe 50% only because such a game would give that innate “WTF” from the Black community. Also, Karen, there are Holocaust educational games.

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