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975: Don’t Save Rachel


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  1. Between his tweets last week belittling and dismissing the how black women feel regarding Rachel and his opinions on the eulogy Obama gave in SC I’m done with Ta-Nehisi Coates. We all grown and can have differing opinions on things but I think he just comes through with an agenda and no matter what occurs he has to find a way to push that agenda. Fuck that dude. I feel like for a while now he’s been tip toeing that Cornell West/ Tavis Smiley line but the last week he’s gone full fledged now. Fuck that dude.

  2. I would watch Ballers just to hear you guys discuss it with Justin. 🙂

  3. Oh Boy that Superman is very sexy looking, I wonder if DC/Warner Brothers has the same policy that Sony does about Spiderman. If not I expect a Black Sexy Summer of 2020 DC/Warner Brothers.

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