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1021: Dentist The Menace


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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s Random Thoughts, Chipotle GMO accusation, NRA spokesperson, Michelle Carter, Zahra Schrieber, Napa Valley train being sued, Subway may have been warned about Jared, Jace Alexander arrested, Fast Food workers closer to unionizing, side chick confronted, Fox News on Women, cow protest, Jimmy Green speaks, birth control mix up, BallerAlert, homophobic family attack, man kill by police when seeking help, cops talk about boobs, dentist the menace and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Wonga_5

    The anger you feel when you get home & open the fridge & someone has eaten your food or drunk your drink that you’ve been thinking about having all day is real & happened a lot at my house since I got 4 younger brothers. Standing a the fridge door and yelling who the fuck ate my stuff.

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