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SMR 67: Fantastic Four

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Rod and Karen discuss Fantastic Four.

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    Fantastic Four represents what happens, when a movie studio doesn’t believe in its own project. After my viewings of it, I wasn’t sure what to think at first glance. It had a darker tone compared to Tim Story’s vision with his 2 movies & I was sold on that premise alone, even though, I never read the Ultimate or older version from Marvel Comics.

    Other than that, felt bad for the actors who were involved in this effortless project. They did their best to perform in this movie, but, at some point, I could tell they wanted the production to be done, so they could go about their lives. I wanted it to be a good movie, it’s own movie, in which, Fox believed in, but, they didn’t. They wasted our time with making incomplete trash, yet, here I was convincing myself that it wasn’t that bad days after my Thursday night screening, but, alas, it wasn’t a good theater experience.

    I won’t go as far to say that it’s the worst movie of all-time, though, when your middle & final acts are muddled, it becomes a harder movie to redeem with those faults. Let’s hope Fox cancels the sequel, because none of us want to see it, after that mess.

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