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1020: The Black Scientist


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Rod and Karen discuss Neil deGrasse Tyson’s comments on race, spree killer afraid of the PC Mafia, Wal-Mart no longer selling AR-15s, McWhopper, Dugger sex rehab, Tila Tequila kicked off Big Brother UK, The Fat Jew, Easy-E’s son, how to stop campus rap via Fox, Baylor rapist gets 6 months, make the sandwich, Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, inmates fighting fires, Steve Harvey taping goes predictably wrong, Gene Simmons has computers confiscated for child porn investigation, Minaj wax figure, Dee Barnes addresses Dre’s apology, white women kissing black men, Fatman Scoop on the n-word, Zimmerman, TN councilman racism, Jan Mickelson, Tim Butler, Homeless shooter, butt injection killer, stabbing hero and sword ratchetness.

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  1. WriterChick

    I just wanted to say that Dr. Tyson is BAE…

  2. Quantum_Medic

    Dr. Tyson is telling every truth. There are some serious barriers for minorities. Science and engineering has all the same dumb bullshit that nerddom has except the stakes are much higher.

    I’m a brother who work nights as a chemistry lab tech. I’m a year away from completing my second undergrad degree in Electrical Engineering. My first was Physics.

    My experience as a HBCU student was awesome. Everybody wanted to see us win. The social network we build with each other is crazy. I def owe my success to some sisters from Spelman/Clark who wouldn’t allow me to drown.

    I also studied EE at a PWI in Colorado. It’s was a fucking nightmare. The following is a list of B.S we have to put up with.

    Engineering is a team effort isolation is career death. White students saw black skin as a liability. It’s not uncommon to see a sleep deprived black student working by herself on a project.

    Professors will treat you like a baby mama asking for child support if you ask for help during office hours.

    White engineering students were getting 25-30 dollar an hour internships as freshmen at Lockheed or General Dynamics. Most Black students were still looking well into our junior year. None of us were hired.

    Those white “chicks” ,who could be allies, are extra wary of you because of rape culture. Even as they are being groped and ogled by their peers they won’t be seen working with a “nigger”. Not even kidding about the sexual harassment, it was epic.

    I had a Korean math prof. explain how lazy blacks were. It did not matter I had the highest grade in class.

    A lot smaller engineer firms won’t hire you because they got a “black” already.

    Thank you for reading and excuse my lack of brevity. Love the show. Rod and Karen keeps me going with love and laughter.

  3. ariedee

    I think the problem with the Dee Barnes/Dr. Dre situation is the same problem that we see in most highly publicized cases of racism and sexism, and all the other ism-like issues. People cannot divorce themselves from those that they admire and even idolize. They believe that by accepting that Dre was (is?) an unrepentant abuser of women, they are admitting some flaw in themselves. It’s the same reason that so many defend scumbags like Bill Cosby, R. Kelly and Hulk Hogan in the face of overwhelming proof. Sadly, it forcces so many to remain silent victims or to even change and/or encourage others to change so that they accommodate the bad behavior of others. It’s something I see a lot. I have had to declare to so many people, including lots of women, that we should not have to change in order to avoid being abused. The fucked up person needs to change, not you. Hopefully Dre’s apology, though forced, is a sign he is truly a different man.

  4. truth8

    It was refreshing to hear Dr. Tyson answer the question outright about the lack of minorities in science and not pander to the room. As a black scientist myself, I have seen all too often some of us breaking under the pressures of being the “only one” in the room or department and giving credence to this privileged BS. And the worst part is I’m sure there were STILL some that wanted a genetic explanation for the make up of the crowd…..to be soooo smart some of them are so dumb/ignorant/out of touch, but not racist no no no.

  5. NatashaP

    Can I nominate this episode for the “FWBP” hall of fame? Dr. DeGrasse Tyson had to school fools to the utter foolishness; Fat Man Scoop gave a lesson on the Hierarchy of Ninjas; Zimmerman is Zimmermanning to the fullest and to top it all off folks are recommending slavery as a solution to immigration issues . . . chile I can’t deal.

  6. gatorboy_speaks

    I know personally about these inmates doing work. They learn professional skills and earn time off sentences as well as funds. Inmates are presented with many different ways to improve themselves while incarcerated, most choose not too and blame the system. Most high risk inmate jobs such as firefighters are voluntary. Give inmates time without purpose, they will fill their time with more criminalistic activities. Yes the work is for small payments but also jobs require good behavior. May seem small to outsiders, but to correctional officers, inmates with something to lose is much safer, if there is such a thing. Some may start with short incarceration times but not generally. Short time inmates are usually the most unruly because they know their time is short. Again inmates are not required to work, they ask for work and are assigned accordingly. Completely voluntary.

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