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TNO 54: Hawk Dolezal


Boy do we have a loaded show for you today. Rod, Kriss, Sterling, Karen and Nina all discuss listener feedback, the Black Panther cover for Entertainment Weekly, Star Wars posters for China, new Riddick movie, Kevin Bacon returning to Tremors, Youtube copyright lawsuits, Game of Thrones getting second game, Fox TV ratings, Xander tried to kill himself, Carrie Fisher on Leia’s outfit, Disney diversity, Frank Miller’s Batman, Michonne telltale game, Afro Samurai 2 game failed, race mixing in voice acting, Dead Or Alive Extreme 3, Wii U, PSNow and Xbox Gold, X-men Marvel event announced, hot take nerd alert, Iris West, Ciara Renee and The Walking Dead Glenn moment.

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  1. Amani

    JJ did it again dawg!

    Rod put Star Wars on notice after Guardians of the Galaxy and they came all the way through. Highest grossing movie of all-time in the U.S. and it only took three weeks. Made a billion overseas BEFORE it opens in China with their co-leads being Black and a woman (shout out to Sony).

    No wonder George Lucas is mad, Disney fleeced him! Only $4 billion for Star Wars? They might damn near make that back on the first one. And don’t think I didn’t see the same nerds who’ve been killing Lucas for years since the prequels all of a sudden defending him talking about his vision. We saw Lucas’s modern vision for Star Wars and it’s not touching this! Disney brought Black people and Latinos and Asians into space, nothing more modern than that.

    And between John Boyega and Carrier Fisher officially giving no fucks, I love this cast man. Between that and this maybe Coogler news (even if it has been terrible journalism in reporting it) I’m cooking.

  2. Anarke216

    Sup Rod, Sterling, Kriss and Karen… If any of y’all are there. Just writing in to say The Walking shit still had my laughing. I knew (and hoped) Glenn would still be alive, just so he could get that comic ending……..until you said you wanted him to be swapped with someone else as a troll move. Nigga I’m here for it, I need those tears. Hopefully they don’t pull that change shit they did with the Governor but If Glenn living means someone else gets it, the Internet will explode…again. If it’s Carol, Morgan or fuck it even Tara somebody gotta get it as long as it ain’t Michonne. They gonna start announcing “Negan comin” on so Omar shit.
    Also shouts out to Sterling and Kriss for multiple times stating how fucked the GoT game is. I copped the bundle online in the summer and was gonna get around to it but I just uninstalled cause I don’t want those problems.
    Thanks for another great show.
    -Will O.

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