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1101: Making A Murderer


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Rod and Karen discuss true crime documentary series and the disconnect for them as black people, Steve Harvey gets long contract, Stacey Dash, Tasha Smith has marriage annulled, Hateful Eight screener leaked, R. Kelly’s new album is number one, Kesha needs a comeback, Chipotle changing styles, breast feeding mom, Star Wars keeps breaking records, BallerAlert, man kills mom, man with face tats, squatter sells paintings and sword ratchetness.

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  1. hirojashibe

    Karen telling it like it with this Ke$ha nonsense, I too like Rod heard Ke$ha could sing years ago before she pop off but not a single person compared her to any other good or great singers, all they said is that the Girl could really sing. Which to me is something a singer should be doing already, it is the basic part of doing your job.
    Anyways, Thanks for the two music interludes this week one from each of you: the sweetness that is Adele and apparently the low key Ratchet Music that is MC Hammer. I had no idea this was the case with him in fact [one moment]…

  2. Wonga_5

    i dont listen to much Kesha, but I like that Die Young song. Mainly because of the clip of Russell Westbrook singing it during the NBA broadcast.

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