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BDS 134: Kirk Cousins Is Adorable


Rod and Karen don’t need no Justin to talk sports! We discuss the NFL week 15, listener feedback, Kaepernick can’t attend games, Clinton Portis broke, Jimmy Butler disses his coach, John Elway speaks on Peyton, NBA anti-gun violence ad, Jeremy Lin talks about suicide and stress, Ray Rice on explaining domestic violence to his daughter, NFL blocks funding for CTE study, Kirk Cousins audio, Aaron Hernandez tattoo, Justin Blackmon gets another DUI, Derrick Williams’ robbery, Illinois Attorney General is against Daily Fantasy sports, Julianna Pena kicking dudes in the dick, Derrick Rose “sex belt” defense, McNabb is free, Arenas triples down, Dirk now 6th on the scoring list, NFL player gets concussion in the shower, Manziel is okay with his coach returning, Josh Norman, Odell Beckham, Stephon Marbury getting a museum in China, Lebron is still the NBA’s most popular player, ballers doing stuff for Christmas and this week in Mamba.


  1. Amani

    Oh yeah and my Favorite Athlete of 2015? Cardale Jones

    First he comes off the bench as a 3rd stringer and wins the National Championship #BlackQuarterback, then he beats a kid in the hospital by 60 in video games like it was a Chappelle skit and corrected any reporters with the nerve to say he ONLY scored 91 (http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2015/4/23/8486357/cardale-jones-ncaa-football-kid-twitter-challenge-rematch).

    Then when everybody dug up his three year old quotes complaining about the hypocrisy of being a student athlete and not caring about class, he trolled people and announced he was transferring to Akron. When Ohio State fans got mad at him tweeting about Sandra Bland and how patronizing All Lives Matter was he flipped it on them (https://twitter.com/CJ12_/status/624242078634102784). He found time to shoot his shot at Ronda Rousey at the ESPYs and through training camp. And then he ended the year by auctioning off his cleats for the Paris shooting victims. A dude with a heart, sense of humor, takes no shit and the right amount of ratchet? That’s a Balls Deep salute all day!

  2. Amani

    Happy New Year Balls Deep Fam!

    Nope, no slander from me this week, there’s been enough fuckery going around and I just want to show love.

    And I know you’re going to cover it, but this Lebron James stuff is really pissing me off more and more the longer it goes on. Thought Greg Howard dropped the mic on that conversation and Shaun King with his article, and then I see Chris Kluwe all in the comments telling Lebron how to be Black and talk about sacrifice like he knows a goddamn thing about what it’s like to sacrifice as a Black man in America.

    This to me is just the “liberal” version of The Decision, where folks still want to control his Black ass to do the things THEY want done on their schedule. I saw the same thing when people were demanding the Clippers boycott when the Donald Sterling stuff broke. Yet I notice nobody is telling Dan Gilbert or Adam Silver they should stop playing games. I haven’t heard anyone ask Kevin Love or Johnny Manziel what they think about it. And what exactly is Lebron supposed to boycott? The DA chose not to press charges, is he not supposed to play until they have a new election? The Department of Justice completes an investigation? What is a good enough sacrifice for you to ask of somebody else while you’re not giving up any of your checks?

    And they act like Lebron said Police buy shoes too or something. This is a guy who has been outspoken before and has a track record of standing up and speaking his opinion. What if he actually does want to look more into the specifics of the case before he wades into public discussion? I know I’ve had to tap out on following some cases just because it’s too much for me to take. But because he wasn’t ready to tap dance and drop some soundbytes on command he’s an uncle tom now? Fuck outta here. I’ve never expected social stances from athletes or entertainers or anyone whose job isn’t public policy. If he chooses to do so that’s great, and it definitely carries weight with me that he has done so in the past, but that’s a plus not a requirement. I’m done with the bullshit.

    And on a brighter note, shout to Cam and his girlfriend on their baby boy. I want more than anything for them to win the Super Bowl, I need Cam and Obama at the White House just stunting, making everybody mad.

    Hope you had a good time on that cruise Justin, Karen held it down though. She’s coming for those starter minutes!

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