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1102: A Simple Disagreement


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. RachelOnFire

    I personally cannot *wait* for the day when most, if not all, movies, tv shows, plays, etc. have diverse casts and nobody even thinks a thing of it. I just saw “The Force Awakens”, and it was fantastic! A Sci-fi movie *not* being almost exclusively centered around white men for a change was an integral part of that enjoyable experience. It centered around a black man and a white woman as the main characters, but it featured people of many diverse ethnic backgrounds, mixed in with aliens of all types and forms — which makes sense, since we’re not even talking about our galaxy here, much less a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant experience. I propose that from now on, casting be diverse — because *life* is diverse. White men are no longer the center of the universe, as much as they would like to continue to be. Let’s have diverse characters of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, genders, skin-tones, etc. — not because it’s P.C., but because it reflects reality. I personally, do not fear becoming a ‘minority’. May the force be with you! ☄

  2. Luckedout

    That trope you’ve mentioned “diversity died in the future” is on the way out. I don’t know if serialized space sci-fi is your thing, by Syfy has a new series called “The expanse” with the first 4 episodes all over online. I know there’s more tv than time in a day, but I just wanted to put it out there.

    I appreciate that you’re putting out podcasts during the holidays. You’re the hardest working podcasters I know.

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