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1243: Memphis Broke?


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Rod and Karen discuss black people social media abuse, Bernie Sanders endorsing HRC, how Bernie lost the black vote, Memphis Bleek is broke, Martha Stewart hates on millennials, matador dies, Fox Business reporter arrested for drugs, Kenny Chesney a thug, officer breaks rank with Dallas PD, 4 arrested for threats against cops, two men fired for threats against black protestors, Former Miss Alabama fired from TV station, a conversation on which black lives matter?, woman sprays another woman with gasoline, woman poisons her boss and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    So if I like playstation and get killed by the cops, would an xbox supporter have a valid reason to not post anything about me? That’s how petty I see this going if people begin to pick and choose who they support based upon their own beliefs. Yes, Alton Sterling didn’t have the best record but none of us knew that when we first saw the gas station video. Sandra Bland had some bad thoughts on gay people but I don’t think that gives any validity to that asshole cop yanking her out of the car. I think it’ll lower the impact of BLM if we pick and choose who to mourn after these killings.

  2. Mark

    Once again, Rod challenges people on the limits to their activism. When you asked whether people would support the former “Clueless” actress (and current clueless human), if she were inappropriately killed by the police, it really caused me to think about it. Ultimately, you and Karen made valid points – I would be outraged by the action, even if it happened to her.

    Speaking of challenged, what kind of research was Bernie Sanders getting, to think that black people were so loyal to Hillary? All those times he showed up on “The Nightly Show”, did he even watch? Was he too scared to be in a room with too much melanin or something? It reminds me of how television and movie executives have to be reminded, every ten years or so, that black people watch a lot of TV and go to a lot of movies. All kinds of research is available, but they insist on thinking that black people just sit around and watch “Judge Mathis” and only eat at Popeye’s (and pay with their Rush cards, when they work).

  3. Flee

    “Is that bull semen? (Sniff sniff) IT IS!” Good gracious my ribs! My cheeks! Rod, you will be the death me. So glad I discovered this podcast! Karen, hey sweetie! “What’s happenin’ here?” Lol.

    (Air hugs) I appreciate all that you both do with the podcast. You are a much needed voice in this space.

  4. katrinapavela

    Thank you for that discussion re: which black lives are worthy of remembrance. I just felt moved to comment. The problem you hit upon resonates with me, as I find Internet culture to be as frustrating as it is hilarious and powerful. We now seem to lack the ability to find grace for people, and are too quick to summarily dismiss folks if they are not in complete alignment with our beliefs, politics, etc (aka fuck you fuh evah). Funnily, we always want that grace for ourselves when we fuck up, or are attacked. We remember a person’s humanity when it is ours.

    As you’ve said, finding fault, pointing to problems is easy. Too many think they are showing ‘critical thinking’ when they can do that. From opinions on entertainment to politics, this kind of practice is evident all over the place. Maybe it’s our ability to Google everything we ever wanted to know and every opinion on that thing. I don’t know. I think finding a solution to the problems we see is definitely a great thing, but solutions don’t come easy or quick.

    So what do we do as we work toward that because, speaking for myself, the fuck you fuh evah attitude is burdensome and takes too much investment that I’d rather be putting toward creating or progressing. Maybe we should think more about reconciliation along the way–the ability hold the good, the bad and the ugly in dynamic tension. Or maybe just stop thinking in such binary terms when it comes to people? Again, I’m searching.

    • katrinapavela

      Btw, I’m saying this as a black, queer woman.

  5. AO

    When it comes to white people who are willfully ignorant and not interested in learning at all – I absolutely, 100% agree! Trolls are toxic and that is not the type of engagement I was talking about in response to 1242. I absolutely agree w your points here. Not my job to help people who are actively looking to be harmful. As always, thanks for pushing my thinking!

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