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BDS 163: Gilbert Arenasshole


Rod and Justin discuss NC’s bigotry vs the NBA, Karl Malone, a premier league footballer is blackmailed, Jose Reyes back, Lenny Dykstra on Darryl Strawberry’s dick, Nick Young love triangle, Gilbert Arenas, Ayesha Curry, Russ and Ciara married, Dwyane Wade, NBA free agency continues, Aqib Talib, Derrick Rose on his sex life, Steve Nash, Melo wants change, Minnesota Lynx, the Tenors, Steph Curry basketball camp, Lamar Odom, Paul Pierce, Larry Bird, Dana White gets paid, Miko Grimes went full Miko Grimes, Tim Duncan retired, Browns voided Manziel’s money, college players robbing spree, Erin Andrew wins her money, Chad Johnson, Isiah Crowell with some unfortunate timing, Charles Barkley, Manny back already, Rip Hamilton, Mike Scott pleads not guilty, Von Miller, NBA fouling rule change, Adam Silver on super teams, Larry Brown, another man pleads in Darren Sharper case, Hope Solo, Jordan Spieth, family sues Chiefs, 41 year old gymnast, Robert Turbin, Sandusky trial fall out and This Week In Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Thompson

    Did you guys get to read that ESPN article on Black coaches this week? I know it’s something you’ve talked about before, but it’s still worth pointing out every time. And Bo was on it, it’s not about teams not having Black candidates in front of them, but not thinking they’re smart enough for jobs that they think of as more intellectual.

    29 of 32 running back coaches are Black or Latino and half of receivers coaches, but only 5 offensive coordinators, 2 line coaches, and no quarterback coaches are Black. We can’t talk about getting head coaching jobs when we’re not getting the stepping stones. But that’s why it’s so big when we do because then everybody can get on. Tony Dungy’s staff was 43% of the new Black coaching hires, and now with Hue Jackson and the Cleveland Blacks we’re getting new blood. Now just glad they cut Manziel and getting his stink off the team. I’ll stop there because I could on all day with that, stuff drives me crazy.

    But not crazy enough to spray paint my name on somebody’s patio! Klay’s supposed to be the quiet one, but isn’t this the second or third time he’s got put out here messing around like that? Maybe that was their pitch to Durant that Klay would put him onto game.

    Appreciate y’all though, hope you get to take a vacation soon. Justin but your money in a Black owned bank and you won’t be broke for long my brotha!!

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