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1244: In White People News


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Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon and Justin of the Medium Popcorn podcast to discuss their awesome theme song, Brandon popping the question, how Brandon and Justin met, Foxy Brown left out of Hip Hop Honors, Erykah Badu donates to rape kit project, George W Bush at the memorial for Dallas cops, Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry, Charles Barkley, DUI suspect runs man over, carjacker caught and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    Thanks for continually letting us know about the other good shows out here in podcast land. After this show I subscribed and started listening to Medium Popcorn’s Star Wars episode (with Chris Lamberth) and was laughing out loud at how much they love those white starlets.

  2. EvieE

    Charles Barkley has been Stacey Dashing before Stacey needed a check so it comes as no surprise that he’d make those bullshit comments. That’s why he never won a ring, because the universe hates him and so do I. #pettyonfleek

  3. Mark

    Thank you for bringing on the Medium Popcorn guys. My podcast list has been getting darker and darker, since discovering TBGWT, and I’m great with that. Meanwhile, though, I can’t decide whether Barkley’s problem is that he’s been white people’s favorite analyst for way too long, or it’s because he’s older and doesn’t realize that the “respectable negro” playbook is no longer required (and never fully worked, if we are being honest). Not every black person with status appears on Capital One ads and Jimmy Fallon sketches, Chuck.

  4. andbigdaddy2

    Fuck Charles Barkley. He is modern day Sam Jackson on Django. When he says the black people i know die from other black people he means Racey Trash and Don lemongrab because they are the only black people who ride with him. All he needed to add was massah been so good to us. You know you fucking up when you sound like gollum from lord of the rings. Ooh master frodo is a wise and good matsa he only kill goblins because goblins kill each other.

  5. Rosalie, Pronounced just like the character in Underground...get it Rob? ;-D

    Where’s the ‘Nether’ button for today’s poll?

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