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SMR 94: Ghostbusters

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Rod and Karen ain’t afraid of no ghost! And we’re not afraid to review the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters either!

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  1. ProfKori

    This review was right on. It was good to remember that the humor is often subtle and sometimes deadpan. Every character was played perfectly. Nothing was too much, IMO. I went with my spouse and in-laws, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it!

    I’m one of those people who heard a lot about this being a normal Hollywood fail in terms of not being able to imagine the black woman character as a scientist. I found myself fairly convinced by the arguments Rod and Karen have been making about these complaints just being resistance to the kind of black womanhood that Leslie Jones represents, but I didn’t expect to think, “Damn, people really were just plain wrong about this being the kind of fail we’ve come to expect.” There’s simply no way to leave this movie without noticing how careful they were about underscoring everyone’s importance to the team. Even the save at the end was done perfectly. It was a true re-writing of the scripts we’re used to seeing because these women save the day and save each other, and there’s nothing that cheapens any of their contributions to winning those victories.

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