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TNO 63: Ya’ll Gone Dox PewDiePie?


Rod, Kriss and Sterling discuss listener feedback, what we’ve been playing and watching, Ghostbusters and the agendas surrounding it, James Gunn, new black Marvel hero Mosiac, Noomi Repace, Zelda female protagonist, Silver Sable comic book film, Kick-Ass relaunching with a black woman hero, Minecraft sex scene, Batgirl movie, Lost in Space, Rosetta spacecraft, Ghost In The Shell, CW cuts deal with Netflix, Skrulls, Blizzard sues Overwatch cheat app, Sulu gay controversy, Frank Cho walk off of Wonder Woman, Pokemon GO craze, X-Men TV show, Ghostbusters banned in China, Lone Wolf and Cub, James Cameron hating on Force Awakens and WB paid Youtubers for reviews.


  1. Zeke

    Have you seen/read PewDiePie’s defense? He pretty much pulled the “Other people did it too! People are just hating on me” card and nerds are eating it up. That sexism is real.

  2. Anonymous

    Have you seen/read PewDiePie’s response? He pulled the “Other people did it too! Everyone is just hating on me” card.

  3. Amani

    What’s going on people?

    I’ll leave the the Comic-Con stuff alone since I know y’all will cover that. I’m still mad at Kriss for Three Stacks though. And Erykah Badu apparently? Between that and Sterling’s week we’re on an ultralight beam!

    Did y’all see that Rebels season 3 trailer?? Niggaaaaaa we all the way back! All these Star Wars fans complaining “They made the EU non-canon” can have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up. Of course Disney needed to clear up the mess of terrible stories that would contradict them telling better ones. That never meant they couldn’t take the good ideas and reuse them and now we’re getting Thrawn. If they ever do a Knights Of The Republic movie. LISTEN!

    Not to mention we’re getting Voltron season 2 THIS YEAR? And people were complaining about Netflix price going up a dollar? Man if you don’t get the entire fuck outta here.

    You guys talked about the Killing Joke last episode, and I was hopeful because it sounded like they understood why the book was so trash, but then the sex scene leaked and we got that panel. Man, what the fuck was that?

  4. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod, Kriss, Sterling and Aaron

    First off just want to say congrats to Kriss and Sterling on your fantastic coverage of Comic Con that’s such a big deal to have more minority’s there and especially when the coverage is top notch.

    Second have you guys been reading any of the Hanna Barbera DC comics specially future quest. Bringing those cartoons into one big Universe is a huge task and I think it’s been great so far. Also what are thoughts on Civil War II so far and how do you think it’s going to end?

    Lastly what do you think will be the next big TV Show or Movie based on a comic book? Personally I think a Saga Netflix or HBO series would be incredible.

    Thanks for all the work you guys do


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