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1461: What About Voter Suppression Though?

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Rod and Karen discuss Bill Maher’s black guests, Orlando Jones, man dies from choke-hold, Vivica Fox being sued, Walgreen’s pharmacist discrimination, republican politicians acting up, millennials blamed for not eating at chain restaurants, voter suppression, White People News, reporter kicked out of club, 6-12, man sexstorts women and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Karen’s husband, you are literally killing me with these acoustic covers. Really?! ‘Pony’?! Seriously?! Thankfully Karen made it a little more bearable with her classic laughter because I felt compelled to do a Matt Barnes and pull up on Rod

  2. i skipped a cousins wedding & went to an Olympic basketball game in 2000. it was a womens game between the USA & South Korea & i also ended up meeting the USA mens basketball team after the game & getting my game ticket signed by Mourning, Ray Allen & Tim Hardaway. Way better then anything that could have happened at the wedding.

  3. That white wash version of Pony is straight dumpster juice. Lol

  4. “Pony” remaster in caucasoid realness! I am crying at my desk!

  5. How many insults are you going to this acoustic injury, Rod? Huh? You gotta harmonize? Go back and ruin all the baby-making music of sexual encounters past? I won’t stand for it, sir!!! I will NOT!! As always, love the show and love you and Queen Karen!!

  6. If anything….Billy Moherer’s ratings will increase!

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