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1460: Medium Popcorn Live

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Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon and Justin of the Medium Popcorn Podcast to discuss Wonder Woman, Bill Maher, Kendrick buys his sister a car, Harvard Meme controversy, Flint, MI official racism, White People News, man burns down his own house, woman leaves kids in the trunk and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mack

    Ok, I legit laughed at the Missy Elliott cover. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I normally get mad at the covers, but that was funny.

  2. Cappadonna

    Just a point you made during guess the race that every man has heard a dude say some problematic shit in front of you.

    I was thinking about a white dude who I was “cool with” during my 20’s. We were talking about the R. Kelly scandal and this dude said that he didn’t believe that you could molest a child over 13. He said and I quote, “if they got pubes and tits, what’s the problem?” I gave one of those nervous what the fuck chuckles. I wish braver, because that is some Final Form Pedophilia. Yes, I believe that white people and men in general say some horrible shit.

  3. No thank you (@SugarpopFIT)

    Y’all let that white boy f up Missy Elliot song?! I’m going to have to break up with y’all.

  4. Tori

    I had thoughts and comments about the rest of this episode, but that intro to white people news took me all the way out. Usually I just laugh at the songs (and sometimes I lowkey be jamming) but this? This legit made me mad. Now I gotta regroup lol

  5. D Ramsey PhDone

    I was not ready for the Cosby Trial Update!
    Thanks for the movie review of Alien: Covenant…I will not see it!
    ***** Stars!

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve decided that if we’re friends in my head, I’m a lousy ass friend because I get my life when you flip our about A.I. in movies or in real life. I just laugh and laugh and laugh although I low key believe A.I. Will kill us all if Trump doesn’t first.

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