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#Walking FTWD: Season 3 Episode Premiere: 01 Eye Of The Beholder, 02 New Frontier

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.



  1. rodimusprime

    Thank you for sacrificing sleep to breakdown each episode. – Jeremy

  2. Selester63

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    That white privilege was strong in this episode. The white queens (Madison & Alicia) were treated different right from the jump at that “border camp”. Maddie stuck a spoon in a man’s eye and didn’t get attacked or hurt at all. Now that Travis is out of the picture Madison is a single woman, maybe she and Alicia can do some double dating as they plan on “taking over” their new compound. Never underestimate the power of the white vagina…lol. Thanks for the recap. Peace.

  3. Forest

    Travis actually asked about the dead bodies. Willie (The guy who got killed after the rats) said the laid the bodies out for the scent as a deterrent to keep the zombies away. So, I guess that’s supposed to explain why they felt so comfortable in the compound.

  4. ogreen32

    What a surprise! I finished watching the show and then I see this gem in my podcast app. I don’t have anything to add, just wanted to say “Thanks!” for the late night recap! Yall be easy.

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