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1459: Do Not F#ck Those Robots!

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Rod and Karen discuss porn misspellings, robot sex, more details on pregnant girl denied graduation, people defending Bill Maher, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. TreyVictory1

    The robot impersonations had me in tears!!!!

  2. Alli

    That acoustic cover of Nice & Slow made me violently ill. Stop the madness Rod!!! White people news was supposed to be an enjoyable experience for us.

  3. Anonymous

    Rod, i just want you to come out with a weekly 20 minute podcast warning people against A.I. because you kill it each time. I lmao at the same time I’m nodding in agreement.

  4. politicking

    Great episode, what a way to start the week! Karen had me hollering over those Black Eye Peas song titles. M’am, you went from going ‘who’ and ‘I don’t know her’ to rapid fire and perfect song puns with a quickness. So good! Notice how Will I Am mentioned every other woman singer they worked with, but Kim Hill. She was the sister who first sang with them on earlier albums. I guess there’s no coming back from whatever caused her to leave.

  5. D Ramsey PhDone

    So…..sex with robots. I cannot and will not listen to this blasphemy. When I was engaging in relations, I prefer the real thing! #WhatFreshHellisThis

  6. Amani

    Y’all coming through with all this robot slander, do you hear Ciara complaining about her Russ Bot? I didn’t think so! Rod over here hating as hard as Richard Sherman.

    And I’m just waiting on the console wars to jump over to sex bots. Oh you only got the Microsoft Sex Box? You know those don’t do anal right? That’s why I stay with a Sony. Meanwhile the Apple snobs gonna brag because all their porn gets stored on the cloud and costs twice as much.

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