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#Walking FTWD: Season 3 Episode 3: TEOTWAWKI

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. Mack

    When I saw this episode, I thought it was a crazy tie in to the OKC documentary that Rod watched.

    Re the brothers, I think Troy is going to kill his brother. I also think that the “social situations” was related to Troy being a sociopath. I believe he was the type to torture animals or set fires or something.

    They keep calling Madison and family the unprepared like they just showed up looking to mooch. They were essentially taken as captives after coming to what seemed to be a military base. They were wanting to go on their own until the zombie attack caused them all to band together.

    Re the pantry scene, to me it seemed that the “purpose” line hit home because of her own challenges with Nick and trying to fix him.

  2. Selester63

    Hey Rod and Queen Karen,

    Salazar is back! The fact that we never actually saw him die on screen made his return possible and I’m glad he’s back. Ophelia may show up somewhere in the future.

    I think that Troy has some low-key sexual attraction to Madison which she might try to use to her advantage. Not saying that she would actually have sex with him but she may use and manipulate the young psychopath. When she sat next to him and put that napkin on his thigh I was like WTF is she doing.

    The absence of black & brown people does give off a white supremacist vibe at this compound.

    Thanks for the recaps. Peace.

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