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1464: Unleash The Music

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Rod and Karen discuss Nick Gordon back in jail, Dave Chappelle gives to Flint, a emergency booby ordinance, Arby’s bolt in sandwich, preacher hit with bat, weed pizza, NBC vice president family tragedy sparks a conversation about emotional repression, TX jury indicts deputy and husband, Bill Maher update, bar dress code, Lee Garrett on bachelorette, black soldiers, White People News, naked man in bedroom, car wash embezzler, Hollywood nightclub thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Alex

    The argument that women are emotional and men are rigid is fucked up for a lot of reasons, but one thing I thought of when it came up in this episode is that it’s really a misogynistic way of interpreting how much more genuine sympathy and empathy woman typically have. On average, men are way less likely to give a shit about other people because it’s not an expectation from society. The bar really couldn’t be lower. Men get praised for ignoring people’s pain and it gets labeled as “rationality.” Sad thing is, a lot of men do care but stay silent on issues for fear of losing status as a man in the eyes of other guys. Rod, you are a role model for me by speaking out on misogyny without bending or trying to spin the narrative. You’re making me better in ways I probably haven’t even realized.

  2. csick

    I’m a little sad that the episode title wasn’t “Tyrone washing them thangs”?

  3. Justin

    Dear Rod and Karen,

    I am conflicted regarding Bill Maher. I have enjoyed watching his show over the years and I think he makes valid points at times, especially with politics and the Democrats. However, I was offended by his use of the N-word and felt that his “apology” was weak and dismissive as you all discussed. Do I just drop watching the show cold turkey?

  4. Anne

    Rod, the scary part about the article on the black military is that there are many white military officers who are white supremacist (Nazi, alt-right, etc.). I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the unfair treatment is a result of high ranking officers with racist views.

  5. D Ramsey PhDone

    Prince Rod and Queen Karen still have me high on the Black Panther teaser!

    100 on the Texas Deputy and her husband!

  6. chuckspears

    That audience on Real Time ain’t shit. You can’t laugh at the offense, then applaud the rebuttal. So irritating.

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