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SMR 150: Geostorm

Rod and Russell Hainline from The Long and Late Movie Show podcast discuss the disaster flick Geostorm.

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  1. listen if Rod had never mentioned it I would not have watched this movie.
    It was so utterly ridiculous and bombastic (shout out to shaggy) I enjoyed it IMMENSELY.
    now to this spoiled review so I can get the rest of my life

  2. Look I’ve never heard of a Geostorm before but I saw the previews with tidal waves and all other kinds of disaster weather so I decided to see it. I enjoyed this movie, I saw it in IMAX 3D (mainly because that was the only show available at the time I went) and it was worth it (kind of…..I guess). Basically this was an impossible white man movie in space. Good recap. Peace.

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