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1550: No Hugs For Nazis

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Rod and Karen discuss being invited to see Living Colour in concert, Kendu Issacs back in court, Bernie running as independent, Gucci wedding drama, teacher resigns over MAGA shirts, black nanny harassed, CBC women release statement, black man hugs a nazi, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    The only way I would hug a Nazi is to get close enough to punch them in the stomach. Seeing that picture literally made me sick. And it probably didn’t accomplish a damn thing except make white people feel better about themselves. That Nazi is probably having a laugh right now calling that guy all kinds of racial slurs.

  2. UncleEbeneezer

    Hey Rod/Karen, this is my first time commenting here. I usually email the show but figured this is the perfect time to lose my commenting virginity here because of the topics on this particular episode.

    I am SO EXCITED at the convergence between TBGWT and Living Colour. I’m a musician and have played guitar and drums since the late 80’s. In fact, Living Colour was one of the reasons I decided to play music at all because I was so inspired when a friend’s brother cranked Cult Of Personality on the station-wagon stereo on the way to see the movie “Twins.” As soon as I got home I started trying to figure out how to play that awesome riff on my dad’s acoustic guitar (all white families must have an acoustic guitar in the house by decree.). They were my first concert without parental supervision, I’ve seen them a dozen or so times throughout the years, and more than any other band deeply influenced my own approach to music.

    When I first started listening to the podcast and you would often talk about music, I would often wonder if either of you knew Living Colour’s work, because their lyrics are such a perfect fit for everything you talk about on the show. They were singing about police abuse, housing discrimination, black pride and liberation, micro aggressions etc., 30 years ago and their lyrics are more relevant than ever. Check out their first couple albums: Vivid and Time’s Up and songs like: Funny Vibe, Which Way to America and Pride for a couple examples you might dig. Listening to this podcast actually reminded me to go back and listen to some of that stuff again, so many years later, with a much better appreciation for just how truly ground-breaking it was in the predominantly white world of hard rock. I’ve always suspected that LC was held back significantly because they spoke truths that made white audiences (and sponsors) uncomfortable. In fact, I know it’s true because I can’t tell you how many of my white friends who loved Van Halen, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Faith No More etc. (bands with similar musical styles) but just “couldn’t get into” Living Colour for some strange reason…

    Anyways, I hope you have a blast at the show. LC is one of the most amazing live rock bands you will ever see. All 4 members are virtuoso talents and they play together with a chemistry that is unmatched. You might wanna bring ear-plugs because they don’t hold back and it gets loud (in an awesome way.)

    Love you all (Rod, Karen, LC and all the TBGWT fans)

    PS- Karen I love when you jump into the bad pun game. The way you don’t give a single F whether they make sense or not makes them even more enjoyable and always makes me laugh.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Queen Karen, regarding the stray hairs on women’s chins, cheeks and necks. I started getting them in my mid-20s because I have PCOS (a hormonal problem that includes such symptoms as hirusteness, lack of ovulation, insulin resistance, and male pattern baldness). Most of time I go to the salon to get my face waxed. Now, my 12 year old daughter tweezes my chin and neck and I give her dollar for doing it. The closer you get to menopause, the more hair you’re going to see on your face. However, you’ll find yourself having to shave your underarms, legs, and bikini line less (if you shave now). I am 45 years old and my pubs started going gray around age 40. When I discovered it, I called my mom and shouted “Why didn’t warn me?!”

    I think we spend so much time as women and as a society fighting aging that we don’t have honest conversations about what actually happens to our body as we get older. We might be able to keep a flat stomach through exercise or a smooth face due to creams and sun screen, but the rest of our body will always give us away, and we’re never prepared. Actually, as I type, we don’t really have honest conversations as our body changes from puberty onward. Sometimes my daughters, ages 10 and 12, don’t want to hear it but you just need to know.


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