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TTM 22: Number One

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hola Baseey and Rod,

    I was underwhelmed this episode. I was waiting, as Bassey said last week, for this to be Chrissy Metz’s episode to shine, to flex them acting skills. Unfortunately, I felt Toby’s loss more than adult Kate’s.

    Mandy Moore, Teen Kate and the guy that plays Toby’s acting was great this episode.

    Mandy Moore’s Older make up is soo good! Even up close.

    Adult Kate said the line “I know I was there” so wonder if Randall will say it next episode.

    I am traveling for the holidays so I watched the show online and wasn’t able to see scenes from the next, but regardless I’m ready to watch the story of the best, our #3!

    I hope you have or have had a great Turkey Day.

    Gracias for doing This Too Much,
    Ritzy P

    P.S. Fuck Miguel

  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I felt bad for Kate losing the baby and I understand the pain she must feel, but damn her for making me root for Toby so much this episode. I think I may have to stop hating on Toby now because Toby keeps bending over backward for her. Sure he can be a little extra but it’s clear he loves Kate to pieces. I don’t dislike Kate but I feel like she needs therapy and that may be why she’s struggling with her weight loss journey. One of the reasons people gain weight back after bariatric surgery is because they never deal with their issues that caused them to gain large amounts of weight. If you don’t confront the issue that makes you overeat no diet in the world will help. So instead of getting the support that Toby offered as her partner, she went to the Chinese buffet. (That food was looking kind of good). I think Kate needs to deal with her insecurity issues and confront her feelings for her mother. She may still not be completely over her dad’s death either so I think she still has plenty of issues to work through.

    Honestly, with this episode, I thought we would see some huge definitive moment when Rebecca broke her spirit but I still don’t see it. Rebecca was super supportive toward Kate and she was constantly being rebuffed. And then at the end when Rebecca showed up with open arms, that was touching. If Kate doesn’t appreciate her mom after that then that’s pretty fucked up.

    I also wonder if she was really joking when she made that comment about Randall. I think humor may be her way to cover her how she really feels about certain things. Like when she told Kevin that they like Sophie more that him. We know that wasn’t true. No one likes Sophie. So maybe when she made the comment about Randall getting too much attention there could be some resentment there.

    I can not wait to see next week’s episode. It looks like it’s going to be heart-wrenching.

    Evie E

  3. rodimusprime

    Bassey, Rod,

    1) Bassey, thank you for putting me on to The Mayor. I watched the first 6 episodes and enjoyed them.

    2) I have jokingly said that this show needs to start with a trigger warning. But this last episode? LISTEN!! I didn’t think I was gonna make it. I have cried myself into dehydration.

    3) Was I the only one annoyed when Rebecca and Kate were on the couch and Rebecca’s response to Kate was to pull a ‘Back to Me’ story out of her ass about how she dealt with Dead Kyle? I know the story has a relatable theme. But damn! If Becca did this kind of thing throughout Kate’s childhood, I can see how it could annoy Kate.

    4) Told y’all it was a trip to Howard!!! If it’s one thing I know, it’s Black kids who were raised by, or socialized by non-Blacks, flock to Howard! Plus…Back in the 90’s, Black folks had two reasons to come to DC: Visit family or visit Howard University. Dassit. (MLK, Jr. Memorial + AA Museum – Black relatives = 2017 reasons Black non-DC Metropolitan residents visit DC)

    Ms. Smart
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  4. HouseKat

    Two things:

    1) That phenomenon you talked about where the magnificent acting of Viola Davis makes HTGAWM’s no so great scripts enjoyable is what soap fans call, “shit to sugar.” As in, “No matter how bad the writing got on Guiding Light Kim Zimmer was able to turn that shit to sugar!” [h/t to @Jamey_Giddens]

    2) The Kevin’s football career storyline almost perfectly mirrors that of my cousin. He was a big deal on his Catholic high school (enrollment 500) football team – I have no idea what position – and dreamed of going to Notre Dame. He had the little Fighting Irish guy tattooed on his arm. In his junior or senior year his knee was destroyed in a game and that was it.
    Now they said that Kevin was a “C+ student,” well, my cousin was probably more like a C student. A few years ago I spoke to someone who worked at ND and they told me that there was pretty much zero chance of my cousin getting a football scholarship at ND with his miserable grades. So I’m thinking that uninjured Kevin might not have gotten into ND anyway, so he really shouldna been burning those bridges to Pitt, etc.

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I really enjoyed this Kevin-centered episode. It gave Justin Hartley the chance to shine and he did not let his moment go to waste. For me, the most interesting moment in the episode was the one that went and might remain unexplored. That moment being then Kevin turned got Randall for support rather than Kate. Given what we know of the twin/triplet dynamics that exist, that move was telling. I felt like finding out why Kevin made the choice to approach Randall could have been mined in both a positive and negative way. I felt so bad for Kevin when Randall assumed that he was there about Kate. It prevented him from discussing what he came there to talk about and puts Kevin in the position of pushing down his pain to be the supportive brother he is expected to be.

    My heart is already breaking for Kate and Toby and I suspect this will be the beginning of a rough road for the two of them, sadly, not a lot of couples can withstand a loss like this. I am looking forward to what Chrissy Metz brings to the table, because I have found her to be the weakest of the actors featured on the show.

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