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SMR 152: Justice League

Rod and Karen review Justice League. We also talk the trailers to Deadpool 2 and Rampage.  Then we do your feedback.




    I actually got what I wanted out of JL, for what it’s worth. Is it disjointed? Yes. Visually Underwhelming? For the most part. Is it fun? If going to a Sunday matinee counts as fun, then yes it is. Joss Whedon did the best job he could to clean up after Zack Snyder left the project, due to the death of his daughter. My favorite performances were from Ray Fisher (Cyborg) & Jason “don’t give a fuck” Momoa (Aquaman), as I felt those two actors went full into individual character arcs. Stepenwolf was OK, at best. I wasn’t moved by him, but played his part. The rest of the League is fine, IMO. After this film, I just hope DC throws the rest of these Snyder ideas in the trash. JL is a step in the right direction, I just hope they build these films right for future projects.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I’m big enough to admit when I am wrong, and I’m happy to say my prediction that The
    Justice League would be a flaming dumpster fire was wrong. I really enjoyed this movie and it actually has me interested in the Aquaman movie as I thought Jason Mamoa did a lot with what he was given. I don’t know if The Flash movie will ever materialize, but it is no longer and automatic no for me. I did question whether movie Flash has aspbergers cause he seemed strangely socially awkward. I did love when he tried to pound Cyborg, got no response and speculated if he was over-stepping as a white man.

    I wonder if JL will be able to overcome all of the negative perceptions people had going in and the savage reviews by critics who I am convinced were simply determined to hate and trash-talk the film no matter what.

    AMC gave away a Justice League comic with the purchase of an IMAX ticket and I felt bad for Mamoa because the Aquaman in the comic was still the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, ultra Caucasian version. I mean they could have made him look like MaMoa for the promotional tie-in.

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