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BDS 232: Rota-sary Chicken

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Jerry Jones wilding out, Zeke supsended, Massa John’s apologizes, LiAngelo Ball returns to the states, some NBA arguments, Matt Barnes after them racks, OJ kicked out of hotel, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Lebron taking shots at Phil, NFL concussion settlements, living player diagnosed with CTE, Serena getting married, Klay not dating IG model, Lebron dominates Kemba, Giants owner supports McAdoo, Durant on GQ cover, NFL ratings, Bennett wasn’t hurt for Brady, Steph to teach online hoops course, McClanahan murder charges, Larry Nassar accepts pleas, Alexis, Newgarden, Greg Olsen and Keenan Thompson as Lavar Ball again.


  1. cocoqt81

    What up Rod and J Manning. I hope you kids had a good week. Rod, we are finally heading towards the equality in the NFL that we’ve all been looking for… A sorry ass BLACK quarterback replaced a sorry ass white quarterback. Look at Gawd! NY fans and ex players are beside themselves with grief. Idk why though. They are clearly headed toward rebuilding, might as well shut Eli down to make sure he stays healthy so they can trade his ass. I heard on Bo’s show (while Clinton Yates was filling in) that the Giants are the only team that’s never had a black QB start. Geno Smith is the Ruby Bridges of NY Giants starting QB’s. Amazing! Anyway, have a good weekend, fellas. Smooches!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and J Peterman,

    I hope all is well.

    One of the of the downsides to being in a fantasy football league with other Cleveland folks is that I can’t rely on snatching up one of the good players before anyone else. But in my other league where I’m the lone Browns fans? You’re goddamn right my nigga Josh Godbody Gordon is back like cooked crack on my roster and starting this week!

    Josh is back on the field and is gonna be smoking the Chargers’ secondary like the finest green! Or rocks. Or dust. Anyway, Gordon is like Popeye the Sailorman, except he packs all his green in his pipe instead of eating it. What do y’all think is more impressive: Gordon having that amazing season with a trio of bums passing to him or that he was high and drunk the entire time? Also, if Josh ain’t doing too good at the halftime, how ain’t shit will Browns fans become when they start chanting “JOSH PLEASE RELAPSE”? And Browns fans ain’t above that. We ain’t got much, but the Browns can’t get worse from here. After enough times, ashes can’t keep burning, right?

    Speaking of football, if there is an ITWAN Hall of Fame then they need to name a wing after Nathan Peterman because good gawd almighty that white boy was passing like a blindfolded Tim Tebow, but if God was also blindfolded too and couldn’t guide those passes out of bounds. Should Peterman be invrstigated for point shaving, because how the hell else do you throw 5 picks in a game? Tyrod has thrown 3 all season! Racism has really fucked up NFL quarterbacking in a way I don’t see the league coming back from this.

    Shouts out to the folks who said that Michael Crabtree needs to pull up on Aqib Talib like Talib don’t believe in two things: Crabtree shouldn’t be wearing that chain and the second ammendment.

    Sorry for the Iength of this and I hope y’all have a great day! Peace!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Peterman

    Y’all thought Tyrod was scamming BEFORE this?! The price of the brick went up! He’s showing up to the GMs house with a Brinks truck and his dick on the table. Tyrod never threw more than 6 interceptions in a whole season, this dude almost did it in the first half. They really Trump’d my nigga and just tried to throw any white man out there no matter he had no experience because of racism.

    Tyrod never lost! Just like my man Lavar. They really invited him on CNN and didn’t realize you can’t out troll and troll! The madder you get at him and actually take his bullshitting seriously you just give him more power. I’m just sitting back and waiting for Keenan this week.

    And I know y’all saw Serena’s wedding pictures? Good gawd! What a bounty indeed. Appreciate y’all fam and hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  4. J-Full

    What up Rod and Justin,

    On Leangelo Ball and crew:

    Yo what if these fools thought that stealing in China would be the same or as easy as stealing from the beauty supply store in the hood? That’d take the idiocy to whole new levels. Also did yall see that clip of Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg discussing what kind of punishment they should get? Jay Williams was suggesting 3-4 games. Seth Greenberg got outraged and said they shouldn’t play at all this season. That’s why his bitch ass ain’t coaching anymore. He was ready to drop the hammer on them but prolly thinks Lochte is just a kid.

    Speaking of shoplifting this reminded me of a time in college, back when Hechts used to exist. My homegirl wanted to steal a necklace and I let her put it in my bag like a dumbass. Not only did that happen but she did it right in the middle of the main aisle to exit the store. So me being recently emancipated from the hood, I knew the rules for shoplifting. I knew if we made it out the mall we were home free because the loss prevention folks aren’t supposed to chase you into the parking lot. (Though them niggas be thinking they’re Jack Bauer). I’m almost out of the mall and my friends are way behind laughing about the whole incident. Out the corner of my eye I see this black lady power walking toward my friends. I knew we were fucked. But here’s the kicker…EYE could’ve been home free. I was steps from the door. But I didn’t want my homegirl to take the fall by herself. So I stop and wait for the lady to come get me. They take us in the back and the lady is fawning over my friend. “Oh how do you pronounce your name? Oh that’s such a beautiful name.” Meanwhile she’s being mean as shit to me. They take my handcuffed ass to a separate room and get my ID and shit. They made me sign some form saying I’m banned from their stores for life. About 2 months later, I get an angry ass phone call from my foster parents. I’d gotten a letter saying I had to pay a $150 court fine or be prosecuted. THEY AIN’T SEND SHIT TO MY HOMEGIRL! My foster parents wouldn’t even let me come home for thanksgiving that year! But them niggas were evil, so fuck them.

    Lastly, my girl Ibtihaj getting that Barbie made me so proud. We went to college together and it’s amazing to see her become such a global figure. The Duke Alumni FB page posted about the story and of course the racist white folks were mad. First they posted that #blackgirlmagic picture on instagram and then featured a Black female muslim barbie and folks lost their damn minds. But Duke is the college that produced Richard Spencer and Trump’s right hand man, Stephen Miller. Me and Stephen are the same age but that nigga looks like he’s knocking on 50. All that racism eats away at your soul.

    Damn this comment got really long really fast, my bad


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