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1571: Washed The Throne

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Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. Amani

    Nina has been right all along, Jesus is the feds!

    We all thought Negan was talking about Simon being the former leader of the saviors, but what if was Jesus? Who better to talk about going around and saving people?

    It would really explain so much. We all wondered why Negan would have a deal with the Kingdom without killing anyone or going inside, but what if Jesus is the one who made that deal. He already knew Ezekiel when Rick and them showed up, but apparently Hilltop and the Kingdom had never done business.

    And we still never got an explanation for how Negan knew Alexandria was behind taking out his outpost. We saw Gregory didn’t snitch on that part, so that leaves someone from our group or the man who planned it in the first place Jesus! The dude goes from killing people in their sleep to now he’s protecting hostages? Something don’t add up. Well it makes sense if he’s bringing in an army of Saviors into Hilltop who he’s already showing he’ll look after and be loyal too.

    Now I don’t think this is the way the show will go, they’re usually not that subtle with stuff but it does answer a lot of questions and would be a dope twist to pull this long.

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