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PG 123: The Internet Has No Ruths

Rod and Justin discuss the week off, basketball, Keeping Up With The Cromarties, Love and Hip Hop, Matt Lauer and Twitter coming for a fellow podcaster.


  1. O4Soldier

    Wassup Rod and J Lauer,

    This episode was great insight on behind the scenes stuff when you made your podcast premium.

    My first introduction to Black podcasts was to TWiB. I loved the format of the show and they brought on guests such as yourself and mentioned others that I still listen to this day.

    I listened to both your show and TWiB everyday. And when you decided to go Premium 1st, I jumped in. The more TBGWT the better. I told myself, if the show ever falls off or just isn’t for me, I could always cancel my $15 subscription. Here I am, years later, and the premium shows are still excellent.

    TWIB also goes premium and charges $20 subscriptions. I jumped into that as well. It started off dope with tons of great premium shows on the regular. Then the shows stop releasing and people, myself included, got concerned.

    For $20 a month I should get something in return. Then I wondered if Elon Charged $5 more only because he believes his show was better than TBGWT. It’s not. There’s no consistency at TWiB. Sometimes you can go weeks without the regular shows let alone premium payed for content. And when paying subscribers complained they were called assholes. So I canceled my subscription there and haven’t looked back.

    This premium shows here are dope and they drop consistently. and I really appreciate all the hard work you guys put in.


  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and J Brainstorm,

    I started watching Legends of Tomorrow after hearing y’all talk about it. Currently about a quarter way through season 2. I am kinda of mad I slept on it. The plots are pretty standard but the characters and their interactions make the show shine. Like when they are in a time period and Stein has one of those good old days moments and Jax and Sarah have to set him straight.

    But the all time MVP is Rory, he knows they ain’t shit and just decides to have fun with it. I don’t know if you watched the crossover, but I got to admit i got a little dust in my eye.

    The show is a better Dr.Who than Dr.Who. Come at me folks.

    Take it easy


  3. rodimusprime

    What’s cooking Rod and J-Trump

    It has been a while but ya boy is byke with another story about balling at Seabrook Park. This one involves the Ques fighting niggas from the Murk. I hope this isn’t too long but I want to include the most important details.

    The shit that led up to the fight happened a few days before. I went to Seabrook with a few dudes including this nigga named Reggie. I would describe Reggie as a complex individual. I once saw him slap a nigga outside of Vance hall for not having his weed. An hour later he was singing “Incomplete” by Sisqo in front of the student center.

    We went to the court and very few people were there. It rained earlier that day so the court was still slippery because the sandy texture of the dirt. Rod, you probably know what I’m talking about. We show up and now there’s enough people to get a game going. Reggie and I was on the same team and we were killing. The team we were up against had some pretty good players but they wasn’t hitting that day.

    After one missed shot, Reggie looks at dude and sings in a very soulful voice “You’re as cold as ice.” That shit was hilarious. The dude didn’t like it so he squared up with Reggie and caught some quick hands. Reggie told him to stick to basketball after delivering said hands. Nothing else really happened that day.

    About two days later I’m back at the court(without Reggie) and the vibe is a little different. I wasn’t playing that day because I had a night class and I didn’t want to get sweaty and go to class all stankin. The second game was some Ques against some Seabrook/Murk niggas. Them Ques were good as fuck. I was expected them to be trash because the Kappas used to talk shit about beating them in basketball.

    This Que I used to call AP, because he looked like Adrian Peterson, caught a nice alley-oop and did a quick celebration dance. It may have been cool if it stopped there but the other Ques started barking. They started doing it after they did anything good. They weren’t barking in people faces but they were loud as fuck. Very few words were exchanged before niggas started fighting. It wasn’t a massacre but I say the Ques got the better of those niggas.

    Later that week at homecoming, a nigga got jumped in the parking lot after the dance. He wasn’t even a Que but he had on a purple and gold shirt. They left him unconscious on the concrete. I heard rumors about some of the Ques having guns and wanting to go back to the park but luckily it never happened.

    I can’t even front; I was scared as shit the next few times I went to Seabrook. I had a pair of purple and yellow Adidas I used to wear to the court and they never left the closet again. I didn’t want there to be any misunderstanding about how well I knew them niggas.

    Peace out,


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