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TNO 98: DC Come, DC Go

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, Justice League, Crisis On Earth X, what we’re being entertained by, Gal Gadot, Morbius movie, Rotten Tomatoes controversy, GameStop pauses unlimited program, Hitman series on Hulu, Madden and FIFA may not get yearly updates, Kick-Ass, PS5 and Xbox Two X, Ben Affleck may leave DC as Batman, Pacific Rim contest, Star Wars Battlefront II controversy, Black Lightning premiere date, Stranger Things getting season 3, Gambit movie update, Star Trek Discovery, Han Solo fired directors speak, Mystery Science Theater 3000 getting new season, Lord of the Rings moving forward at Amazon, Uber paid hackers to delete stolen data, UK lootcrate gambling investigation, Suicide Squad director wanted Joker as villain, American Gods loses show runners, Morgan going to FTWD, live action Pokemon casting, Trollhunters expanding, the framework is coming back to AoS, Karen Page spin-off idea, Cleopatra Jones, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Harley Quinn movies and sexual harassers in the nerd universe being taken down.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Kriss, Aaron and maybe Karen.

    I know you haven’t discussed The Last Jedi on the show yet but I have a complaint. In this new Star Wars era, the post-prequel era, there have been three movies made. When are they going to make a shitty one? All this great story telling, stellar acting and unbelievably vivid action sequences and mind blowing special effects can get really annoying. Seriously, these must be the thoughts that go through people’s heads when they continually shit on these legitimately great movies that seem to be making all the money in the world.

    We went to see it last night with the kids and we all enjoyed it. My movie going experience was almost ruined because I kept looking for the flaws. After the opening I kept seeing headlines about early fan reviews being overwhelmingly negative. I did not want to spoil shit so I did not read beyond the headlines and went into the movie expecting to see some glaring flaws. I saw none. I have since read some of those articles and realise now that most (if not all) of the negative feedback was just alt right fanboys upset with the prominence of women and POCs at every step of the story. I love this fucking movie, my daughters love it, my wife loves it. It was damn near perfect and took chances with the franchise that will only make subsequent movies better. It’s like Rian Johnson said “George, you know I love you dawg, but Imma do shit a little different.” First of all, they picked up at spot they left off in the last movie! If it was the Lucas prequels, they would have started where there was a lull in this movie, and explained all the exciting shit that came before in the upfront text crawl. I am definitely seeing this again before it leaves theatres.

    On a separate note, I finally upgraded the X-Box 360 and got an X Box One S with a 1Tb hard drive. Unlike the 360 before, this console isn’t just for the parents, but for the kids as well. Are there any xbox games that are similar to Mario or Mario Kart that are good for kids 7 and 10yr old, that you know of? Also, if you had the choice to buy either Mass Effect Andromeda or Rise of the Tomb Raider which would you choose first (keeping in mind that I loved previous entries in both these franchises)?

    All the best for this holiday season, have a great New Year and thanks for a great 2017 of Nerd Off, which has been scarily consistent this year. Peace.


  2. rodimusprime

    Dear Brothers Rod, Aaron, Chris, and hopefully Queen Karen,

    I am writing your NeoMarxist Liberal Captailist presbytrian arborist thanagarian podcast to educate you on some facts the man doesn’t want you to know.

    At the time of this writing Justice League is the 150th top grossing movie of all time, 149th is Alvin and The Chipmunks the squeakel

    After it’s first 30 days Justice League is only 9 million ahead of 2008’s Hancock’s first 30 days. Hancock didn’t have IMax or 3d

    Justice League might not outgross Dr.Strange, and Shrek Forever

    Take care and may your bodies be forever alkali free.

  3. Amani

    Ready for another great episode of The Nerd Off, presented by Disney!

    Feige needs to put out a statement that just says “To me my X-Men”. We always said Fox would never sell the rights back, so Disney just pulled a Bruce Wayne and brought the whole studio. We can talk about monopolies another day, nigga Doom and Galactus are home and mutants finally done right.

    And that Star Wars! Kathleen Kennedy really needs to talk her shit. That shoulder dust off alone… niggaaaaaaaaaaaa

    There’s been so much news it’s almost flying under the radar how flames Dem Agents has been this season. We Quaking on Kree in Space and Time!

    Meanwhile, I’m left to start a petition for Rod’s version of the Robin Cinematic Universe to get the content we need from other studios (https://www.change.org/p/warner-bros-release-rod-s-version-of-the-robin-cinematic-universe)

  4. J-Full

    Fuuuuck and just like that Disney bought Fox. Now they own 60% of Hulu. Now that kid-friendly streaming service i was talking about is looking more and more likely. Here’s a link to a story on Polygon if you’re interested.


  5. Rwh2016

    hey guys,

    any of you watch mr robot? if so, what did you think of this season?



  6. CanuckDuke

    What up Nerds?

    I don’t know if I reached a tipping point, but I went and bought a One X and a 4K TV in the same week. My one word review once everything was properly configured? NIGGA.

    I shed a couple of Nerd tears once that Forza 7 demo came up. I’m at the point where I know I’m buying games I don’t play — like Fifa 18 if it’s 4K / HDR enabled.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to brag — but with Disney about to bless us with the news of the 21st Century Fox acquisition I must ask what character that isn’t in the MCU (yet) are you looking forward to the most? I think I might lose my mind if Dr. Doom makes an appearance down the road.

  7. brooklynshoebabe

    Lol at your reaction to the comment about Black Panther possibly being bad. This past Friday, after watching the new Avengers trailer, my daughter asked what I would do if Black Panther isn’t good. I stopped cold and said “leave the table,you on time out.” Black Panther is going to be great.

  8. J-Full

    I think y’all skipped over a critical part of my comment. I wasn’t saying that Disney couldn’t do it just that it wouldn’t make sense for them to make moves that would cannibalize their Hulu revenue because they are majority owners.

    You guys made some good suggestions for things they can do and considering your suggestions the best thing for Disney to do is to just buy Hulu outright. Hulu already has live TV, already has DVR, already has on demand TV and movies. So it’d probably be cheaper and faster to buy Hulu since they already own 40% of the company.

    And since originals are the wave there’s way less pressure to have a ton of originals at launch if you make an acquisition than if you launch a whole new brand.

    But I’m admittedly biased and only want Disney to buy Hulu if it means I’m getting stock options

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