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1584: J-L Bernthal

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*Warning there are some limited Star Wars The Last Jedi Spoilers in the jokes for this episode* Rod and Karen are joined by J-L Cauvin to discuss taking a break from social media, Kevin Hart talks about cheating, TI helps single moms at Christmas, CBS Comedy Showcase scandal, Salvation Army taking cards now, coy racist news article title, Papa John’s founder steps down as CEO, Jessica Chastain, man steal from business he was hired to clean, man shoots roommate over rent, sign language interpreter and sword ratchetness.

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  1. lamalamatime

    OMG. The Jon Bernthal impressions that J-L did had me cracking up! My co-worker and I where the only two in the office, she wanted to be in on the joke, but I was busy laughing.

    • lamalamatime

      I fell out the second time too.

  2. Anzidavis

    I love J-L, his voice impressions are always on point. I will confess that if the Rock does run for president it will be the first time I voted for the republicans for president. I would consider it equality to be a part of the 94% to vote him in because he is shiny and can roast people and whoop those candy a$$es. I agree Karen who cares about policy when we are smelling what he is cooking.

  3. The last 18 mins were comedy gold! I’m still wiping tears from my eyes!

  4. Dunedragon


    Hey Karen and Rod.

    Ever since you put me onto J. L., I have loved his podcast and Youtube skits. I always post up his youtube videos on social media with the hope that he gets his big break. Him being back on your podcast is like Joanie and Chachi appearing in Happy Days after their spin off (and I have just shown my age). Should I have used a All in the Family and Jeffersons reference instead?

    Anyhow, I pray if he does get the high 6 figure salary law firm job, he still finds the energy to put up some content in some form, be it his podcast, movie reviews or skits.

    Am I the only person who voted on the poll to have gone off social media but not on purpose? So Im the only one here that broke thier phone and had to put my sim card in an old flip phone for a few days before fixing or buying a new phone? {with a side eye} Riiiiiiiiiiight.

    Happy New Year guys and the whole TBGWT family!

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