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1594: Lena Dunham Photobomb

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Rod and Karen discuss Usher scandal update, NC ordered to redraw congressional map, apologizing in the age of the Internet, LGBTQ news, Taking Out The Trash and Sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Lena Dunham is like a bad case of genital herpes. She’s never welcome but she keeps popping up to remind you that she’s not going anywhere. My favorite episode of Scandal is the episode where she guest starred because she was murdered at the end. She’s a boil on the ass of humanity, the shit stain in a teenage boy’s underwear and the hair on Ron Jeremy’s back….disgusting.

    Good for Tessa Thompson for calling her out.

  2. Kyle

    Did y’all see what happen with Dan Harmon? He was called out by Community writer, Megan Ganz for sexual harassment. Afterwards he apologized on his podcast, which prompted Ganz to not only forgive him in public. But also encouraged people to listen to the podcast because she thought it was a good apology.
    I thought it was interesting because most people seem to make a point of not accepting an apology in public.

    Here are the tweets if you wanted to see them.


  3. Dia

    On the Big Brother issue:

    When you mentioned that you think people go looking for tweets to justify their anger, I agree, but sometimes I actually think they create those tweets.

    When I see no avatar, and numbers in the name, I think that person created that account and then make the comment so they have “evidence” for outrage.

    Let’s continue to call these people out.

    all the best and sunny regards, Dia

  4. Sunshine81

    Lena Dunham is trash and will always be trash. I am glad that Tessa said “um, yea she did no work.” She did walk it back her statement a bit but any working black woman knows why she did that. Lena Dunham conveniently feminism ass needs to go. Quickly.

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