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1598: Thanklessness

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Rod and Karen discuss Salt Bae gets a new spot, breast feeding mom kicked out of restaurant, NoPrah trademark, James Damore, Wal-Mart lays people off, Nevada teens harassed, a long conversation on black activism, Aziz defenders coming out, flashing criminal, lots of layers on a flight, heroine outside, J-L Cauvin’s Punisher web series and sword ratchetness.

Part 1 of J-L’s Video:

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  1. People kinda trash

    The reactions to that Ansari story show how fucked up people are. And I bet this is one of the reasons why dating is so bad. Hell, some young ladies have stopped dating because men think they need to act like pushy assholes to come across as confident. And of course the men are confused.

  2. EvieE

    Rod you were right. If nothing else, the Aziz Ansari story showed me this Me Too movement isn’t long for this world because it seems that as long as the person is likable there will be defenders. And if people’s favs keep getting called out, soon it’s just going to be “fuck these bitches” SMH

  3. Dia

    On the Aziz Ansari/Babe Dot Net Defenders:

    I do believe the article was poorly written, in my professional opinion. But even removing my persnickety nature of journalism, I believe Grace’s story — well, Ansari pretty much apologized so believing Grace is not the issue.

    The rub is, I don’t know what is suppose to happen or how I feel now that I have this information. And guess what? That is okay.

    I am a deliberative person, I have always been. I think it is okay to sit back, be quiet, watch, listen and learn before speaking and forming an opinion. And even if I never get find my opinion–I am okay with that too.

    But I will say this. I had no idea how to spell Aziz Ansari, and now I do.

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