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1597: Sex Bot Revolution

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Rod and Karen discuss MLK Day, LGBTQ news, Oprah interview Time’s Up actresses, tide pod challenge, Emma Watson pens open letter, male sex bots, teacher says black student would be lynched, Steve Alford racist drug thoughts, Starbucks has to close because of racist hoax, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. marci

    I agree with Rod, robot slavery is terrifying and wrong! Unlike the zombie apocalypse, a robot takeover is something that maybe could happen? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist but I feel like it’s more plausible. Do you ever see those videos where they test robots and kick them and stuff to show how they can move? I always feel bad for the poor robot! It just looks so mean, even though the robot doesn’t even have a face or anything!

  2. Shera

    Hey Karen and Rod! When you were discussing the percentage of people who identify as LGBTQ+ I thought about my own experience. I’m 31 years old (grew up in ny), and I have only recently accepted the fact that I am bisexual. I knew I liked both genders from as early as my late teens-early twenties, but I never felt comfortable sharing that because I grew up in a somewhat religious baptist household. I used to watch and read a lot of queer comics and films. One day I threw out all of it out because I felt so ashamed. I’ve been surrounded by queer identifying friends for most of my life, but the church really did a number on my willingness to divulge this information to others. I felt a lot of shame because I did not want to disappoint my family. They know most of my friends queer, but I’m still not sure how they would accept me. I’m happily married to a person that knows I’m not straight and he’s so nonchalant about it. So refreshing. I finally told my three closest friends (one already assumed), and even though I’m not sure if I’ll ever tell my mother outright, I’m happy that I am finally comfortable about a part of myself. I’m not actively hiding it and if people find out, they’ll just find out. Sorry for the ramble. I really enjoy listening to your show. I got my white husband hooked on the show. Hooooook. Take care.

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