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1596: Time’s Up Running Pockets

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Rod and Karen discuss music, Rod’s Yelp Reviews, TBGWT interview, President Oprah, Flu epidemic, DACA, Capetown running out of water, woman pours acid on face and blames a black woman, H&M gets trashed, Eric Clapton used to be racist, protestors will not face felony for pulling down confederate statue, Meghan Markle dealing with racism, taking out the trash and sword ratchetness. TBGWT Interview: http://blacknerdproblems.com/pod-knows-interview-black-guy-tips/

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  1. EvieE

    Your reviews on Yelp, are hilarious, Rod. I follow you and I always get a laugh when you leave a review somewhere. I definitely want to try some of the restaurants you’ve visited based on your reviews if I ever get to Charlotte. I hope you and Karen recap your visit to that pasty shop you were invited to.

  2. marci

    Sorry to post so much…but I just wanted to say that I think that comparing Oprah running for president to Trump (or really any other celeb) is not giving her enough credit. I think of all the celebs I can come up with, Oprah is got to be in the top, who I think could do a pretty good job as president. I would happily vote for her, but I hope Kamala Harris runs instead.

  3. marci

    I don’t have a need for Yelp because I live in bum-fuck Egypt but your reviews are amazing! Do you also do reviews on Amazon like that? I always read reviews when I’m about to purchase something and people who take the time to do what you do renew my faith in humanity.

  4. D_Troubadour

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    In reference to your story of Capetown being the first city to run out of water, the situation might be more dire than those headlines gave it credit for. NPR did a podcast on this topic a while back but the neighboring country, Lesotho, sold a static amount of its water to South Africa. This contract was fine because Lesotho had an excess in rainfall but in recent years they have been in a drought. So much so, the country is having to sell not only its excess water but its reserves and also the citizens water to keep their end of the bargain with South Africa. This means even though their country has water, South Africa gets a certain amount first, leaving Lesotho in an artificial drought.

    So in the near future we could be looking at not only a city running out of water, but also an entire country in a natural resource debt. The Lesotho citizens-which have water, but are unable to use it because their water rights were sold.

    Crazy stuff.

    Love the show


    NPR Article (https://www.npr.org/2016/06/08/481206945/drought-causes-lesotho-to-regret-selling-its-water-to-south-africa)

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