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1608: Black Twitter CSI

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Rod and Karen discuss some random thoughts, LGBGTQ news, Taking out the trash, Air Force sergeant racist rant, black conservative tries, tennis racist, man kills someone for clearing snow, anti-gambling woman wings gambling sweepstakes, ribs in the pants and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I would binge watch Black Twitter CSI, even though I know how it would end every week. After the person is exposed they post a shitty apology and will say ‘that’s not who I am’ I’m not racist I have a black friend’. This show should have a spin off called Finding the Black Friend but the funny part would be it will always be the same guy.

  2. Jwan

    2018 Tippie nominee for segment of the year!

    Black Twitter CSI

    I almost passed out from laughing so hard!

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    I am here for Black Twitter CSI! I don’t know why TBGWT and your squad (Like J-L, Justin, Rae Sanni, etc) don’t have production deals already. I got five on it!!!

  4. Trey_Swindu744

    Hell Yes I am down for Black Twitter CSI -all day everyday!

    Hey Rod and Karen what brand of new mixer did you guys buy? You guys did sound better just FYI

    Much love,

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