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PG 135: Don’t Freeze

Rod and Justin discuss Black Panther, The Chi, LHHATL, listener feedback, Altered Carbon, Black Panther criticism and reality show news.

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  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Lenard Tha God,

    Rod you found another good one with Corporate. That show is hilarious. During the first few minutes of the first episode I thought it was going to be like Workaholics (also good) but that company was some medium-sized cubicle farm. The company on Corporate is so big they place bids on weapons contracts for rebel governments. I was laughing my off during the casual Friday episode because those white boys kept getting out-lawyered by that litigator. Speaking of work, Justin have any of the people in your office seen or talked about Black Panther?

    Oh I got something to tell yall. Last week I was around Atlanta for a team lunch and parked my car at the restaurant. As I got out and walked across the parking lot I saw a big black Mercedes truck pull up and this cute black woman jumped out and opened the back door. Nigga…Phaedra Parks hopped out the back seat. She had on the black jacket and black leggings and I bout fell out. I saw her and gave her the head nod because I didn’t want to bother her. She saw me too cuz your boy had that beard looking noice. Honestly after seeing her in those leggings I can not remember why we’re mad at her. I think she needs to be back on Housewives so we can see her, Porshe, and Shamea acting up together.

    Peace y’all,


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