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1622: Vibranium Vibrators

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Rod and Karen discuss some Wakanda thoughts, Americans too unhealthy for military, man shot with arrow, Hobby Lobby challenge, air drying underwear on a plane, TI settles lawsuit, Florida house ignores students during gun vote, Atlanta airline offering flight to Wakanda, black women accused of dine and dash, hate crime student wants record wiped clean, racist high school basketball game, teen is ashamed after going viral for racism, bus driver hits student with hammer, crime expert arrested for soliciting, airline agent saves teens, woman kills her fiance and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Deme

    I went OFF when I saw the pics from the Hobby Lobby challenge, I love it, and I’m here for it! Shit, I’m graduating in December, I might need to jump on this before they move the flowers behind the registers or something

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