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1621: The Nuance Of Black Panther

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Rod and Karen discuss home hacks, LGBTQ news, Coogler’s next film idea, news producer racism, Cali police worked with neo Nazis, Bronx teacher’s slavery exercise, racist a Michigan bar, racist experience at a local bar, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, Sword ratchetness and an in depth discussion of Black Panther.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m sure you already know what Black Panther as a movie meant to me, because it’s meant the same for a lot of black people around the world. I was never really into comic books growing up but I liked comic book shows like the super friends and wonder woman, spider man and even the incredible hulk. My only hero was wonder woman really. And then the x men cartoons came out and Storm was my girl. But it still wasn’t enough. Black Panther was like a breath of fresh air. Not only did I felt that my existence was validated. There were several times in the movie where I had tears in my eyes. And the best part is knowing the babies have this beautiful movie to look up to. When i was a kid, and we’d play superheroes, I always had to either be wonder woman or the girl wonder twin, and the wonder twins sucked, well at least the boy twin now. Now when little black kids get to be Black panther, Killmonger, Okoye, Nakia, and Shuri.
    I’m laughing at the thought of people not wanting to be Agent Ross. Even though little white kids won’t want to be Agent Ross. They’re all going to want to be T’Challa.

    That being said I really appreciate your perspective about Killmonger. I thought I was the one who was losing my mind about him as a character because so many people were saying that Killmonger should have been king, and I was like what? Sure he had some valid points but Killmonger was not good guy. I felt sympathetic for him as a child but when he was adult? Pure trash. He took too much delight in his violence against woman and I’m glad you pointed that out.

    This movie was life and I plan on seeing it again this week. Marvel can have all my money.

  2. Bill_Monty

    Loved your guys commentary on Black Panther. I have now seen the movie twice and already can’t wait to go see it again. Nothing drove home the movie’s importance for me more than seeing one of my closest cousins say what it meant to her seeing dark skinned black women be so central in a major movie, as well as my Grandma who is 80 say the same thing after I took her to see it yesterday. Me and my Grandma also talked about the contrast between how T’Challa and Killmonger treated women as you guys did. I’ll admit, I was sympathizing with Killmonger’s pain all the way to the very end of the movie the first time I saw it, even while still rooting for T’Challa to take back his rightful place as King of Wakanda. As Rod said, the best villains have great sympathetic stories that lead to their awfulness. With Erik, I think that the key point to me is yes it’s real fucked up how they did you, and at the same time you still gotta go cause we don’t want you creating more niggas like you in the future and we can learn from the mistakes made that lead to how toxic you have become. Loved this discussion, and it’s one of the many reasons why I shall continue supporting you guys!

  3. Amani

    It’s always funny to hear people praise a work of art for it’s depth of thought, and then get mad when people engage with it critically. The movie almost went out of its way to highlight the difference between wanting to invert the order and become the new oppressor versus a revolution based in liberation. Too often Black men stop at that first step and ignore Black women who are already on the second, but the fact so many people are fighting against that obvious message is hit dogs hollering.

    And Rod talked about the talent that goes overlooked. Winston Duke the actor that played M’Baku has been acting for about a decade, but this is the FIRST movie he’s been in. How long did it take before hollywood “discovered” Sterling K. Brown after that OJ series? Look at how Brian Tyree Henry blew up after Paper Boi, or Lil Rel and Tiffany Haddish. When we get a win like this? We ALL win! But nah, I’m sure Coogler should have just stayed making indie movies and not opening more doors for himself or anyone else he’s putting on.

  4. Kyle

    I agree with you guys, this movie was deep as hell. I love how the movie criticized Wakanda for hoarding resources. Simply put, this was a master class in adding layers and depth to your movie. If I were a film student I would watch this over and over.

  5. ProfKori

    I’ve been a LUSH fan for a while because of the kinds of organizations they support with Charity Pot. This new trans* initiative is fabulous. Just became an even more loyal customer! Thanks for sharing!

  6. FalconsDiva

    I don’t understand people getting mad about spoilers. knew to stay off social media until I saw the movie. So from Friday to Sunday I avoided twitter and only made peeks at FB. Even that was a mistake because I saw 2 posts that weren’t necessarily spoilers but made it so I didn’t enjoy the lines in the movie as much as I would have if I didn’t see the post. Similarly, I stay off social media during TGIT and any other group watched show because I only watch sports live.

    I’m so upset you guys had to endure that racism after going to see Black Panther. It’s like you come away from the beauty of Wakanda back to the reality that is America.

    I plan to go back to the beauty of Wakanda this weekend. The man has had his foot on my neck this week and I need to get away!

  7. R_tick_chick

    This was such a great discussion of your views. I have to admit, I considered it, then put it out of my mind for whatever reason. However, after watching a video of Coogler break down that casino fight scene, I have immense respect for the amount of thought he put into this movie. You’re doing exactly what he wants. What struck me about the movie was the subtle nods to white privilege. At the casino, Klaue’s ratchet ass walked right through a metal detector heavily armed, but the Wakandans were eyed suspiciously. Also, at the CIA black site, a random white woman gave a derisive look to Okoye and T’Challa.

    Here’s a link to Coogler’s video to watch or share later.


  8. think_p_smart

    Came back to say I am noticing a trend. A lot of people who would rather be Killmonger have an underlying belief there are only two choices: colonizer or colonized. So they have no problem with him long game of colonizing the world. But there have to be several additional options. When I’ve suggested it, they wantsno parts of it. Coincidently, they are all men. Crazy, right?

  9. think_p_smart

    America loves to ignore the overlap between law enforcement and racists. They are starting to see the overlap between abuse of women and law enforcement. It will be six years of Sunday before they accept that we can’t infiltrate a lot of these race based terrorists groups because the investigators are members of the groups they are supposed to investigate.

    With regard to not being seated at that spot, follow your intuition. Society does a wonderful job of getting us to second guess intuition. I don’t mean the ways in which fear causes unrealistic reactions (female colonizers clutching their purses when a Wakanda gets on the elevator). I mean having a feeling you’re being lied to without any hard evidence. Racists know exactly what they are doing because most know better than to come out and say, “No Wakandans! Your money and vibranium aren’t wanted here.”

    Is it me or is vibranium just another example of the lack of creativity of colonizers? They create a shield for ONE man and otherwise only weaponizing it. Yet, Wakanda has it in fabrics, medicine, etc. you made an observation, not a criticism. Everyone doesn’t understand words.

  10. Desirée

    I’m living in Japan and it is pure HELL when you don’t want to be spoiled. Movies usually come out in Japan anywhere from weeks to MONTHS after the US release so I have muted literally every character name I could think of, “Wakanda,” “Black Panther”—everything. I always have to do this when the internet gets excited. Same with podcasts, I read the descriptions so I know if I gotta save this episode for another time or skip ahead or something. While I most definitely will complain about being spoiled, I’m not a weirdo so I don’t demand that people talk about the stuff I want them to. I don’t like when people do it to me, so I don’t do it to other folks but you can be damn sure my mute list is RIDICULOUS right now. I can’t see this movie until March 1st and I (miraculously) remain unspoiled. Only “spoilers” I’ve seen are names so far and the rest are jokes that I don’t understand because they have no context to me xD

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