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TNO 104: Hoteps Ruined Killmonger

Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, what we’re entertained by, more Black Panther news, JJ finished the Star Wars script, Stan Lee cancel appearance, Nightwing not a priority at DCEU, Batgirl movie failing, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur animated series, Multiple Man movie, Transformers, Kristen Wiig might play Cheetah, Star Wars Rebels, J Law couldn’t name 5 X-Men, Fox cancels Wayward Pines, Agents of Shield could end this season, John Williams may retire, Flight Simulator malware, Highlander reboot, Yakuza 6 was released for free, Priah Ferguson in Stranger Things season 3, Gotham ratings low and Nintendo YouTube issue.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Aaron, Chris, and hopefully Karen,

    Somebody call the police, cause Rob Liefield jacked Netflix for 7 figures. Remember when people said Monique was a has been and that is why she was lowballed? Liefleid ain’t been shit since the 90s. Netflix is paying good money for for Player 2 versions of Marvel and DC characters. Now for something to scare you white, what if Netflix brought him and Millar in to craft their cinematic universe?

    Congrats on Ava getting that money. But I can’t help but feel uneasy about it. One it’s WB, 2 It’s new gods so she will have to clean up the mess left by Justice League and New Gods by themselves is a ton of work, 3 It’s WB. I won’t be shocked if they announce in a few months, weeks, or hours they split over creative differences.

    Niggas there is a good shot there is a New Gods movie before a Flash movie. Damn….

    Anyway take care guys.

    PS I heard a rumor on screen rants that Aaron and WB were in talks for an Amazing Man movie, the hotep one. Can Aaron confirm that?


  2. Amani

    I know Kriss was already never gonna watch Doctor Who, but after that Agents of SHIELD episode, there’s no more need. That was better than anything they could do on the BBC. And on a week The Flash finally came back with a good episode, they just wanted to reminded everybody who’s still the king. We almost take it for granted just how good this show is, but gotdamn!

    And I’ve been waiting two weeks for y’all reactions on that Rebels finale. Good god man, give Filoni a movie!

    P.S. I don’t know if Rod has the story, but how is the fact a California tech company launched unauthorized satellites into space not a bigger deal? And how long before we find out Elon Musk is behind this shit?

  3. Felix

    Man i am so glad i went Premium during Black Panther season. Been really enjoying the black panther coverage y’all have been doing. Seeing black folks from all over come together behind this movie has truly been an amazing experience. Speaking as an African dude that’s lived in the UK longer than where i was born at this point, It’s not often you see the diaspora interacting this much in a positive way but i hope the positivity continues because i’ve had so many great conversations with folks. A lot with regards to the movies themes and seeing all the perspectives and what certain folks really got attached to was really enlightening. In my case i related to Killmonger (That museum scene especially with what i studied at university requiring visiting a lot of them) more than i did T’Challa in certain aspects and my dad really relating to N’jobu. Killmongers story seems to have really struck a lot of Africans the same way with a lot of folks i’ve talked to talking about how N’jobu’s conflict reminded them of their first experiences in western countries after moving from the continet. It seems to have really struck a chord with immigrant families in general for sure. In any case, really enjoying all the content and i really hope you guys get to talk about the Star Wars rebels finale on the next show cuz MANNNN!!!!

  4. kccolon10

    (Colón : pronounced cologne, like men’s fragrance)

    I feel like we should talk about Black Panther once a month until Black Panther 2: Killmonger’s Revenge comes out (made that shit up off the top of my head). But for real though: the concept behind Killmonger’s mentality is deep: do we want to navigate a system, or do we have to literally burn it down and create it ourselves?

    I think this is an idea that Black America is struggling with today. All we talk about is how the system is corrupt, built to keep the black man down, and the judicial system is broken. But there are two kinds of black people: those that choose to fix it from the inside like lawyers, judges, and police officers, that still believe in changing the foundation. And then you have those that want to tear the entire system down and start over, to include the Black Lives Matter movement.

    But BLM activists do not want to destroy it to take over, but destroy it so that there can be a system based in true equality and justice. Destroy the structures that allow police to be the judge, jury and executioner, and establish a system that allows black people to go before a jury of their peers in a fair trial. Get rid of the laws that protect the police from actual consequences, and establish a system that will increase the likelihood that police will be indicted for their crimes. A system of oppression cannot stand, and

    THAT is the difference between BLM and hoteps: BLM wants to create equality, while hoteps want to be above everyone, and keep those that oppose their viewpoints beneath them.

  5. rodimusprime

    Are we sure Thanos isn’t the one running Disney right now, because they showed up in 2018 and just decided to step on everyone’s neck. Black Panther’s about to do a billion, Wrinkle in Time in March, fuck it why not move Avengers to April? And Kriss is right on Infinity War getting that Black Panther bounce. I had my homegirl who never watches comic books movies pissed that she has to see the next one after I told her Okoye and Wakanda were going to be in it too. You know someone is cutting up scenes of M’Baku and Shuri for the next trailer just to remind folks this money train don’t stop.

    And we’re finally getting a Moon Girl series? Just get all that Black girl STEM love. Then you top it off with Coates writing Black Panther dropping the 4th of July? Let the haters cry their SJW tears all day, Marvel is too busy stacking checks to care. And I didn’t even mention Star Wars or The Incredibles. Disney is out here juggling heavy hitters like Aaron hosting a review episode.

    And Karen’s Natalie Portman agenda so good! Rod over here trying to be fair and accurate and she just yadda yadda’d that whole shit. “Thank you for informing me, it’s been noted.” And that was BEFORE we found out she was playing a character that turned out to be Asian.

    P.S. It’s not really nerd news, but Atlanta byke dawg!!!


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