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PG 138: A Killah And The Tea!

Rod and Justin discuss the Desus & Mero roast of DJ Envy, The Chi, LHHR, a hotep jammy jam and some comedian beef gets ugly.


  1. rodimusprime

    Rod, Justin,

    At exactly this moment, I am on the phone with my 60 year old mom. I told her to look up It’s Time on YouTube. She is snapping her fingers. She loves it and added it to her YouTube playlist. She is rushing me off the phone so she can choreograph a line dance for her and her lil friends to record and upload. Wait! Now she in on WBLS’s site demanding they start playing it.

    *hangs up phone*

    Bottom Line: We called it.

    Ms. Smart

  2. gwberry7

    The hotep jammy jam is going to be my song for the summer!…I am grilling all the chicken breasts with my open toe sandals aka T’Challa 7’s!

  3. Mizzanderson

    I love the Chi, how can anyone not like this show the kids is enough to make me a fan. Poppa and Kev was killing it in them suspenders!

  4. jamielscorpio

    Man y’all have to realize Kudjo Goodie has a leg to stand on in all dungeon family related conversations. There’s never a conversation for him that’s too sweet for him to comment on. Glad to hear I am not the only one loves the Chi. But when y’all started talking abouy two dope queens I spit my water out. Rod I saw one in a half episodes of it and thought the same thing. But I was smart enough to not say shit about it either. Love the show you and J Envy keep up the great content

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    It’s t-i-i-m-e to get up on the dance floor…. Damnit, that song is catchy as hell. It’s an earworm. lol. Damn you Nasheed for making it. Damn you Rod for playing it. i’m enjoying Justin trolling his HOTEP co-worker. That DJ Envy vs Desus & Mero clip makes me laugh every time I hear it, and I’ve watched it at least 3 times. You’re right, Rod. 1. Envy disrespected his wife first by cheating and cheating sloppily. (Why cheat with someone on a reality show?) People are going to treat your partner (or your kids or your home) the way you treat them. 2. If it was a set up, Desus and Mero really would have come in the door clowning. Envy probably wouldn’t have gotten off one good joke. I love listening to you two talk about Atlanta. (I don’t have cable.) You definitely keep me in the loop. Because of Trump’s horrible tax plan, I actually get more money in my check (about $50) so I’ve reupped my premium subscription. Thank you for all your hard work.

  6. think_p_smart

    I was swayed into liking that Nasheed shyt. Now, I am legit listening to Snoop’s gospel album (which bumps), to cleanse my spirit of that Nasheed stink. See what you have done? You’ve driven me to this. No one man (& Justin), should have so much power.

    • gwberry7

      I tried to tell folks that Snoop’s gospel album slaps but got flammed in the group chat lol

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