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BDS 248: White Girls

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Big 3 shake up, Michael Smith leaves SC6, Jerry Jones pays up, Kenny Smith disses NCAA, Derrius Guice, OBJ video, Seahawks, RG3 maried, D Rose, Cam Newton has another baby on the way, Serena talking trash, Roy Miller, Rondo carried Celts, Larry Nance Jr doesn’t sign autograph, Peyton Manning sold his Papa John’s, Elin selling her house, Jordy Nelson to the Raiders, Cousins gets paid, Sky Sports suspends Jamie Carragher, Panther’s buying group, Ed Glazer, Tubby Smith fired, Joe McKnight’s killer gets 30 years, JR Smith benched, Martellus Bennett, Baylor suspend 2 more players, Sean Smith, Westbrook get 100 triple doubles, Tom Benson dead and John Skipper on that white girl.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Clarkson

    So the Cavs thought all they needed to replace Kyrie was another crazy nigga that doesn’t know how science works? Has he been reading too much Moon Girl in his spare time? Dinosaurs were just pets on giant mother fuckers? Really dawg. No wonder Lebron has looked so disgusted. He thought he was finally free of stupidity after the trade and then comes this nigga. Probably has Kyrie and Geno Smith on the group texts.

    And look at Rod’s Dwight Howard agenda trying to show sings of life. That 30-30 game out of nowhere! I mean we’re just gonna ignore the fact the last two dudes to do it were Kevin Love and Andrew Bynum, and he’s dragging the team down around him. Victoryyyyyyyy! And talking about big men agendas, quiet as it’s kept look at Anthony Davis thriving now that Boogie is out. You see it

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J. Virginia,

    Almost a week later and I still can’t believe that game happened. Virginia dominated the ACC all season and then loses by 20 to a bunch of dudes who’ll be playing with y’all at the Y in a couple years? Like that was supposed to be the number 1 overall seed in the tournament? They’re pure trash.

    It’s funny, everyone says they love all these upsets, and the upsets themselves are enjoyable, but the problem is you end up with NIT caliber matchups in the rounds after all the upsets. I doubt anyone except family is gonna be watching Loyola-Chicago vs Nevada tonight. And with UNC getting bounced early too, I’m guessing y’all won’t be watching much either.

    Have a good one,


  3. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Justin King of the Light Skin Tribe,

    I am not into sports but I always listen to Balls Deep for Rod’s hard hitting journalism, and Justin’s keen analytical mind. But I had to comment on one sports story that happened this week.

    How is Vince Mahon’s boy going to swoop in with the business plan, money, and time frame to undercut him? They said Ebersol was working on his football league for 3 years before announcing and it showed. Cause all Vince had was a logo and “these niggas going to stand I know that”. I won’t watch it because the two backers are Peter Thiel who is pretty much the gay David Clarke with money and Bar Stool sports.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on it

    Take care


  4. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Justin,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    Rod, I need to better explain my optimism about the Cleveland Blacks. I want them to go to the playoffs…but if they only won 6 games? Nigga I’d party off that too. Like normally I’m pretty pessimistic about the Browns and with a litany of great reasons. Before making all those trades though, I routinely would be arguing with my brother who wants to know why the Browns can’t turn things around in a single season. And you were correct in mentioning the culture: Browns organization is more dysfunctional and broken than the McDonald’s ice cream machine. What’s frustrating on my end is that if the Browns went 6-10 next season, that’s objectively better than the 1-31 they’ve been the past two seasons….but everyone would demand we trade all these niggas, fire everyone and start over. In the context of the Browns, but also other perennial fucking losery organizations, do y’all think fans feel too entitled to a winning team? Like I understand why “why not us?” can be a rallying cry for high school kids, but for pro sports teams that phrase is just waiting to get told some harsh truths about your city and team.

    Speaking of the Cleveland Blacks, Joe Thomas retired last week. In 10,363 consecutive starts, he only gave 30 sacks. I’m kinda sad to see Thomas retiring because he was objectively one of the best left tackles in the league and easily the best Browns player of my lifetime. On the other hand, his career is one of the most depressing Nigga For Why sagas ever. Thomas’s rookie season was 2007 when the Browns went 10-6. His final season, 2017, the Browns went 0-16. Joe Thomas literally was the Browns from highest of highs to the lowest of lows. I am also glad he’s retiring cuz he doesn’t owe that organization nor city a goddamn thing. Who are some of y’all favorite athletes that retired from your favorite teams?

    When I saw UVA had that number one overall seed, I didn’t trust it. The ACC ain’t so much a basketball conference as it is UNC and that other school win all the damn titles. And UVA’s slow and burly play style looks like something I’d expect from one of those Big Ten teams that doesn’t recruit Black people, like Wisconsin. Are folks gonna finally talk about how fraudulent UVA basketball is? Also, effective immeadiatly, UMBC are the 2018 ACC champions.

    Have a great day y’all, peace!

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