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1641: IHOP Retraining

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Rod and Karen discuss Kroger no longer selling guns, contraceptive pill for men, study on black boys dealing with racism, white men challenge diversity, Hannibal Buress get his mic cut, Oregon Banker outed as Nazi, Green Party candidate is racist, IHOP needs to retrain after racism, science teacher feeds puppy to snapping turtle, corrections officer sneaks spice into prison, man urinates in co-worker’s water bottle and sword ratchetness.

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  1. BoyWonder

    What’s goin’ on Rod and Karen? Just wanted to tag on to the conversation regarding the difference between how we raise girls and boys into women and men. Listening to your discussion got me to thinkin’ about how your theory applies to how black folks are raise as compared to white folks. Many of our (black folks’) parents, at no fault of their own, instill in us the belief that we only have one shot. We can’t take any risks because we can’t make any mistakes or all is lost. We must dot our eyes, cross our T’s, and even then…we still may JUST make it out ok. This often precludes us from investments, business startups, etc. that take risks but can have great rewards. Many of us believe that we just can’t afford to lose once. Whereas white folks, of all income levels, are taught “Go ahead, take a risk, make the leap…what’s the worst that could happen? If you fail, just get back up and try again. You’ll be fine.” This makes it easier for them to take risks, and, many times, reap the rewards. I’d love to hear ya’ll’s thoughts. Thank you so much for your podcast. Love ya’ll.


  2. gattsu25

    It’s not too important but “spice” is the generic name for synthetic weed. There was a Vice documentary about it showing that some of the manufacturers make it so strong that it fucks people up like heroin.

    But those spice jokes? Goddamn that had me laughing at work.

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