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SMR 176: Pacific Rim Uprising

Rod and Karen review Pacific Rim Uprising and then discuss your feedback.



    John Boyega is officially the “I put that shit on everything” guy. I would’ve enjoyed Pacific Rim 2 without him, but he’s the difference maker for why he makes everyone better in this movie. Charlie Day as the bad guy was a nice twist, I must say. It was also a nice change of pace for him. I do feel the film felt slower than the original, despite Uprising being a shorter film. I do want a third film, so I hope it does well overseas, because, like the original, it has under performed in the US.

  2. D Ramsey PhDone

    I figured out the movie…but missed the twist…Impossible White Man.
    I love John Boyega!

  3. kccolon10

    Fact 1: I love you both.
    Fact 2: I fuckin hated this movie.

    Now to be fair, I didn’t see the first movie, and I didn’t know that I shouldn’t take it so seriously. But after hearing that song in the previews “AM I WRONG CAUSE I WANNA GET IT ON TIL I DIE”, I feel like it misled me. Also, after getting used to the MCU quality of movies, I really wasn’t ready to suspend reality and get into the more childish side of Sci-Fi.

    I love John Boyega, as he was the BEST part of the movie. Every other character was sub-par, to include the pretty white boy. He was just DRY. The kids were annoying. The little boy recruit that died deserved it cause he was stupid. It was painfully corny. I just couldn’t handle it. It’s a 2 out of 5 for me dawg: 1.5 because of Boyega, 0.5 because it was date night and it’s out of principle.

    Thank you for doing these reviews and always allowing space for you listeners to provide feedback, even the ones that don’t agree with you perspective (to include me, this time). But I LOVED BLACK PANTHER. Everything about it. I’m not a hoetep, or a hoetep supporter. Aight ya’ll bye lol.

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