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1651: Saving Your Energy

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Rod and Karen discuss Sinclair Broadcasting statements, Winnie Mandela passes, Jesse Hughes apologizes, not reacting to everything, Snoop’s gospel album, Ohio fertility clinic loses embryos, Wocket In My Pocket song, racist MSU student, racist school board member, Hulk Hogan and sword ratchetness.

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  1. blupaws

    Hey, Rod & Karen,

    The article about not reacting to everything speaks to me for the opposite reason. I don’t react enough in moments when I should because my nonconfrontational ass tends to shut down as I try getting over it on my own. Needless to say, this hasn’t worked out.

    I thought I’d be sparing feelings by shutting up, but this only harbors resentment. (Who knew!)

    I agree with Karen about family being the ones to hurt you the most. A lot of gaslighting went on when I recently took my cousin’s advice to stand up for myself and applied it to her. Realized what she really meant was that I should stand up to everyone but her. She’s since been manipulating me into talking to her (withholding my stuff for starters) without acknowledging what she did. Just had to accept that we fundamentally can’t be cool, that I can wish her well from afar.

    Difficult to balance between not reacting and cutting people off. Discretion is hard yo. :/

    Great show as always you two and Happy New Year, Karen! I hope it fills you with happiness.

  2. FalconsDiva

    The audio of those Sinclair statements mixed was scary. Another reminder of this scary administration.

    Great show as always!

  3. ser babylon

    your conversation about letting go and moving on hit me right where i live. i’m in a phase in my life where i am realizing and enacting the things you said, but sometimes i (we all) forget and this morning as i was listening to this episode i had forgotten. thank you both.
    i love you guys frfr!

  4. MadSanity

    Wocket in my Pocket is FLAMES!!! (MAMA!!!)

  5. Fyah

    Happy birthday to queen Karen

    Team Aries!

    Your egg puns were hot like Steph curry in the 4th quarter

    God bless

    Ps: rod you are one lucky man
    Continued success and health to you both


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