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SMR 179: Tyler Perry’s Acrimony

Rod and Karen both support black women this week and review Tyler Perry’s Acrimony starring Taraji P Henson. We also discuss trailers and you feedback.



    Ever since 2015, I’ve turned the corner on Tyler Perry &, for me, it has very little to do with him & his work. Sometimes, folks, unfairly, put a ton of pressure on him to be the best representative for blackness, when he doesn’t have to be. That being said, I can’t believe I enjoyed Acrimony as much as I did. Taraji Henson, did her thing in this. Without her in it, I don’t think the film’s as good. It’s mediocre without her, IMO. Her narration, madness & badness is unparalleled in this joint. Lyric Bent did a good job, too, especially with him lookin’ like a sucker the whole film, until, he became somebody. All the Perry-isms are there (angry black woman, some iffy writing & green screen stuff) but it didn’t bother me that much. It was too much of a good time.

  2. SlurricanePat

    Bear with me, cuz my third eye was wide open watching this. Tell me Tyler Perry didn’t cast bootleg Rihanna and Chris Brown as Melinda and her ex-bf. We ain’t got time to make you dislike this dude…but we Know how to hijack your BRAINS! Dun dun dun.

    It hit me deep in a way. There are different “right” people for you, but it’s about what person you want to be and whether or not you’re ready to do the work.

    Both the women were right for him. Melinda’s unwavering love and devotion were the only reason he could’ve dedicated his life to perfecting the battery. But she was an enabler, who let him be the least he could be as a person. He never changed in 20 years. But Diana had TEETH. She made him stop acting like a bitch. She had standards he needed to meet and was ready to be out if he didn’t step up.

    Bet if Diana didn’t walk in right when she did trenchcoat Melinda woulda earned her $100M that night. Gd Taraji. She gave up her ovaries for you!

    And how is this the last movie Taraji in this year?! She been a snack since Baby Boy and a beast since Hustle & Flow. We will not have it!

    Loved it. Tyler bossing up. This is the first original thing he did since messing with 50-take Fincher right? Mmhmm. It’s a new day.

  3. kccolon10

    (Colón, pronounced like Cologne that you wear)

    Acrimony was actually pretty good. Didn’t feel like a classic Tyler Perry production to me, and that’s a compliment in my opinion. Taraji is a beast as an actress and she really does a great job at making me feel like I was going crazy. Honestly, I was with her right up until she tried to kill him with the axe. Initially, I would’ve just accepted the 10 million and skipped away. But after thinking about it, that man wouldn’t have been worth an estimated 300 million without her two decades of support. The 10 million was payback for everything that she contributed in nearly 2 years. But I honestly feel that she was owed more from the life THAT (clap) SHE (clap) WAS (clap) PROMISED (clap). So if I was her, I’d fuck him up in the courts. I would’ve came for at least an additional 50 million, And that’s down from the 150 million, also known as half of his net worth. After 20 years, I understand why Taraji saw blood. You know what, never mind, I wish he would’ve died.

    Aight y’all peace!

  4. Selester63

    Honestly, I wasn’t going to see this movie at first but after Chris Lamberth tweeted “Acrimony is Tyler Perry’s Black Panther”, I was like OK here Chris goes getting carried away. Then I decided to see it for myself and I must say it’s a entertaining movie. Taraji was acting her ass off and Lyriq Bent also did a good job. I loved the plot twists and didn’t mind some of the convenient movie tropes. Also this was a good total recap of the movie.

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