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PG 141: Love And Podcasts: Charlotte

Rod and Justin discuss Atlanta, The Last OG, transphobic black male comedians, shows Rod won’t watch, Acrimony, Tyler Perry movies, reality show news, not wearing a wedding ring, YMCA basketball and Roxanne Roxanne.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Trump,

    Rod, why hath thou forsaken me? Yes I write in to the pregame to talk about booty butt cheeks and other reality tv mess. But I’m also am the same guy who suggested the Vietnam War documentary, my ratchetness is fluid.

    Speaking of fluid, Rod I’ve been watching the Terror too but haven’t said anything about it. These dudes are something else. You had to be all types of crazy to go exploring a part of earth that has no maps. And your captain continually relies on God instead of actual strategy? Na son. I do like how they show the different levels of the crew from the captians down to the regular sailors. I was watching an episode of Planet Earth where they talked about how far some explorers got into the Arctic so I’m interested to see what happens to this crew.

    Justin, housewives of Atlanta reunion, who you with? I’ve never really liked Kenya but I’m beginning to see that I might be wrong (shoutout to Rae Sanni). Kenya was letting that chopper spray and I couldn’t find any lies. I loved how Sheree got trapped in a corner when the whole group figured out she knew about NeNe’s roach situation before it hit the twitter streets. The only problem with these shows is that it ain’t as ratchet as what’s happening in Trump’s administration.

    Yall have a great weekend, Peace,


  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, TJ Miller, and Hopefully Karen,

    This is just a customer service question, can Justin get a few more minutes to talk about reality shows? As the number 1 supporter of black women he has a obligation to chronicle their struggles. Who else will champion the Lovely mimis, Chanel West Coasts, and Mariah Lynns?

    That aside, anyone else disappointed on Black Lightning that when Khali ran up on Black Lightning he didn’t say ” You need to get the alkali out your diet” He looks like one of those types of dudes.

    Take Care


  3. JorjaMae

    Hey Rod and Justin. I’ve listened for while, but I had to come through with my first comment because this podcast may have just saved my life… I’ve been dragging my feet on seeing Acrimony, and the show reminded me I wanted watch it in theaters. So, after listening, I ventured out to see it alone and, and guuuuuurl when I tell you the whole theater full of other black women was SHOOK. I aint nevah wanted a married man, and after this I wouldn’t go after one even if I did. This movie is an event, and now I need to go hear the TBGWT review. Thanks Rod. Justin, you definitely need to see this.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin Khia Fabulous. Praise da lawd niggas. My bad I know dat ain’t got nothing to do wit sports. But I really don’t give a fuck bout athletics. Any I watched the episode of Atlanta several time and if you notice in the pics Benny dressed like the King MJ. So if 1+1=2 so say Beyonce, cuz fuck the Dept of Education too, is Donald Glover telling us King Mike ain’t dead he just being held hostage by Latoya and Jermain if so we gotta get Black Twitter CSI on this right? Love you guys I tune every week I pay muthafuckin tithes every month. Also you guys allow me to talk about sport with my husband without watchin them shits. Thank and keep doing what doin and Justin are you excited for RHOA reunion as i am? Apparently Nene and Candy team up to roast da fuck out of Kkkzoziak. Love guys.

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