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BDS 251: David West – World Traveler

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Kyle Lowry being sorry, Bob McNair regrets apologizing, Cam Newton’s car hit by dump truck, NFL concussion settlement is broken, Lebron going after Saban, Lebron producing a civil rights documentary, Lebron supports women coaches, Brandin Cooks traded, Manziel, RG3 signed to Ravens, Ravens will be questioned in Kaepernick lawsuit, Dirk gets surgery, Drew Brees got hustled, Sebastian Telfair restraining order, Matt Barnes supports Stephon Clark, Joel Embiid hollas at Rhianna, Marvin Bagley’s hook up, Caroline Wozniacki, girl kicked off Volleyball team because her Instragram, Von Miller catches a shark, Stedman Bailey coming back after shot in the head, Edelman reported school threat, MSU scandal grows, David West, golfer gets injured, Bucks make the play-offs, Noel suspended, NBA expands fan voting, NBA 2k draft, Big 3 law suit and a racist college coach.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Jristain Thompson?

    I’m just writing in to let y’all know that my Canadian Agenda is activated. I saw the Raptors and their fans take over the LCA twice in the last month — that fan base will travel during these playoffs. This just in — there’s more than 27 raptors fans in the known universe. I fully expect them to take care of Washington in the first round and show LeBron the door in the second round, setting up the Toronto-Philly Eastern Conference Finals no one expected, but might be the Eastern Conference Finals we deserve. Should this happen — I hope they actually Free Meek Mill and re-ignite the beef between him and Drake via some sort of playoff series of diss tracks. Mixtape sponsored by Adam Silver perhaps? Anyway, with all of my Detroit based teams being trash (there’s no amount of cheap beer that will get me to see the Detroit Tigers when it’s under 50 degrees this year) — I need these NBA playoffs to be fire. The west will be exciting without a question.

    One more thing — Kaep isn’t getting employed and it’s ridiculously obvious. I had to look up Stephen Morris this morning. Hey, at least he’s black ** Kanye Shrug **


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod and

    Congratulations to Hustle Westbrook for going the distance of boxing out of Melo in order to do the impossible: average a triple double over two straight seasons. It’s a shame that the voters are gonna give the award to that snaggle toothed bamma James Harden. Why do voters have such an issue with giving the award to best player repeatedly? And I ain’t even saying LeBron should’ve won it every year; Steph shooting 400 something 3 pointers was MVP worthy. Westbrook averaging a goddamn triple double on the season was MVP worthy. Harden ain’t done shit.

    Justin, you were convinced that JR Smith wouldn’t be able to hold it together and it was only a matter of time before he slipped back into his Henny sipping, shot jacking, New York Nigga-ing ways once D Wade joined the Cavs. But it looks like D Wade whispered some ain’t shitness into Tristan Thompson’s ear, because this nigga been out putting up womb shots like Shawn Kemp. Did Thompson have some epiphany that if you get pregnant and then ditch her, it ain’t a break baby? Like you know D Wade said some shit like, “What’s the point of having a max deal if you have waste money on condoms?” Goddamnit D Wade. LeBron’s friends must like having him around because they can say they know at least one dude who ain’t shit.

    Speaking of putting shots up, D Wade scored 11 points in his final game of the season en route to a Heat overtime victory over the Raptors. When you factor in the condition of D Wade and how his knees have seen more dusty riverbeds than the Grapes of Wrath, 11 points from D Wade is a smooth 30 points from a regular, healthy person. Captain Ashamed aka Kyle Lowry had a respectable 28-9-10 stat line…and the Raptors still lost. Lord I cannot wait til Lowry gets blown away like a pillar of salt in the playoffs.

    Justin, y’all trotting out 32 year old rookies? Every one of Andre ingram’s shots in that game had the feeling of “I’m Just Happy To Be Here” and also made me wonder why Lonzo can’t shoot that good.

    Have a great weekend y’all, peace!

  3. rodimusprime

    Salutations Rod and this just-in:

    So the nba season has come to a close!
    1)What’s your favorite first round match up?
    Any dark horse or upsets you see on the horizon?

    2) I took a small poll earlier today after the lowly Knicks gave jeff hornachek his pink slip, who do you guys think would be ideal for the head coaching spot? Almost everyone Replied New York native and former point guard mark Jackson!
    I heard rumours of doc rivers, but on my way home before writing this email, I heard he has one year left in la and is expected to return. If he does leave what does this mean for Austin?

    Love this very very serious sports show!

    Peace out


  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jristan Thompson

    Hey last time he cheated on his baby mama he won a ring, so Third Trismester Tristan just trying to be a team player! You can’t say this nigga isn’t consistent. He ain’t faithful, but you still set your watch by when he’s gonna cheat and dammit if that don’t take commitment!

    And for the all that hype about how the Seahawks were this woke team all these years, they sure are keeping that Make Seattle Great Again energy going this offseason. First they got rid of any nigga that ever had an opinion and now they cancel Kap’s workout because he won’t stop kneeling? For the record it’s not a surprise, but it is funny to me. Honestly I don’t know why teams keep even pretending they’re gonna sign him. All it does is keep the story in the news and focus on them being racist.

    But gotta say fuck my team too, because I don’t know how the 49ers haven’t cut Ruben Foster yet. Nigga had three felony charges and you’re still talking about wait and see? And I’m not one of those who wants teams and the league to be the ones in charge of punishment rather than the law, but I gotta call bullshit when I see it. When it was our backup corner last year they were quick to grandstand on doing the right thing and cut him immediately. Now they want to take their time and parse things. Either stay out of it all together or handle it the same, but this fence sitting shit is weak.

    Alright guys, appreciate the show as always. Looking forward to what anonymous stuff Justin dropped on the message boards this week now that NC State got caught up again.

  5. J-Full

    Y’all are hilarious. I was definitely in my feelings about Duke. The racist against Asians totally disarmed me lol.

    Re: Bagley

    I have no issue with the Bagleys getting that big house. The AAU circuit is predatory as fuck so if they can get a come up off of Nike, good for them. But the link to Coach K is circuitous, which is how I like it. I remember one of the Duke player’s parents got a whole job in Raleigh coincidentally coinciding with their son being on the team. They were from like Alaska or some shit.

    Re: Golfer injured

    Keeping kinda in line with Duke, the golfer that dislocated his ankle was named Tony Finau. He’s Jabari Parker’s cousin. He’s Polynesian but definitely black to the police. He popped his ankle back in place and was in 3rd place after the first day of the masters. It was his first Masters and he wasn’t gonna miss it. Meanwhile I won’t play golf if it’s too cold. I’m in the parking lot of the course right now and it’s 63 and cloudy and i just might go back home lol. Lastly, I’d view golf as athletic competition, not a sport. To me the distinction is that you don’t have direct human opposition to your ability to win. If your opponent could scream during your swing then maybe I’d move closer to calling it a sport. That being said, golf requires way more athleticism than people realize. If you hit a big bucket of balls at the driving range you’ll definitely be feeling it. Also, Rod you should definitely check out Top Golf. It’s fun AF.

    One last thing, Justin, would you be a gentleman and meet me in Temecula? I challenge you and your slander to a duel!

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