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1698:Trap Racism

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Rod and Karen discuss Nicki Minaj’s latest interview, Trey Songz accused of assault, Not See Cola, sleep in on the weekend, Taking Out The Trash, black man harassed at work, black kids put in pet cages, Burger King jails black man, bridge fight to the death, jeweler murder for hire plot, pervert nurse and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mr. Spann

    “I don’t know bout that Not Cee Soda, but damn it, their JiggaBOOST grape energy drink is motherfucking delicious!” – Sheriff David Clarke

  2. Miss1ko

    Now Kim Kimble is a “mammy” ? WHAT? she had her own show. They were so dismissive to her by saying that by Nikki having her hair done by this celebrity who has a show on TV (for multiple seasons) is a mammy. I believe it is still on. She’s been serving and slaying for the celebrities for years hence the show. I don’t expect everyone to know everything but before you go making comments, maybe people can do some sort of research because the people who made those trolling and as Karen said controlling comments sound IGNORANT. It’s ok to not know. But when you don’t know …… you can just be quiet. Ridiculous. unless she was dressed as a mammy, why would you classify someone as such because of their stature or their complexion. She looked like she showed up that day to work and they said, hey get in the shot. Kim’s melanin is popping.

    Now that interview with Nikki. I don’t know what she is talking about. Snobby? I don’t understand. She is not a sex positive icon. I hope she is trolling.

    I do wonder what kind of feedback she has received by being perceived as such. Maybe something happened besides the Remy beef that affected her. We all know some of these girls and young ladies on IG don’t have the agency on their bodies. Some of them don’t know that they have multiple things to offer other than their bodies. I don’t know how that correlates to NIkki…but in her mind it does.

    Finally after this it does not make sense. Nothing make sense with her. But if I haven’t learned anything in life it is that many times, shit just doesn’t make sense.

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