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1715: Arctic Zero Chill

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Rod and Karen talk about a white woman touching Karen’s hair, Rod’s Random thoughts, they revisit a discussion on voting, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword ratchetness.

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  1. btouch

    This was an awesome episode – of course I’m here to talk about the old racist cartoons lol. My mother used to buy us random cartoon video tapes from the dollar store, many of them full of racism. These days, these are definitely (usually) edited or pulled from circulation; with Tom & Jerry, for the cartoons with the Black maid, they’ve re-recorded her dialogue now so that she doesn’t sound quite so ignant.

    Of course, I’ve had grown white men with “connections” in entertainment argue me down about racist cartoons not being racist. When I was younger, I’d try to reasonably debate them. Today, I just tell them to go to hell. No one had time to be reasonable with racism; that’s how we got Trump.

    And yes, the Black people who did not vote did Hillary are also to blame for Trump, as you both acknowledged. I know it makes some mad to point that out, but it’s true. Thank you for your awesome breakdowns on the issue this episode.

  2. FalconsDiva

    Rod and Karen,

    Your discussion on the 2016 election reflected so many of my feelings. Rod, I admire you deciding to quell your anger. I try but every time 45 does something stupid, I get angry all over again. One day I snapped at a friend for posting a picture of him in our group chat. She was making a joke about him being orange. I don’t think there’s anything funny about him. I thought about apologizing later, but I didn’t. One of my coworkers said she wrote in her name during the 2016 election. She told me this over a year ago and every time she attempts to talk to me about this crazy administration, I just change the subject. I don’t want to hear a damn thing she has to say! The other week my niece was at my house and picked up my Hillary doll. Yes, I have a Hillary doll. I wasn’t a ‘girl I guess’ supporter, I was all the way in. Anyway my niece said she voted for Hillary but didn’t like her and went on the spout a bunch of false propaganda. With each negative point she made, I had a counterpoint. Then she got frustrated and said “well I don’t know about all that, I really don’t care about politics anyway” It took all I had not to go clean off, but I bit my tongue and just told her she needs to do her research before spreading lies. So I try not to get angry but at times I can’t help it.

    Then after that real and raw discussion, y’all had me bopping to the new Lip Smacking Good theme song. That is why I love this show! You allow me to confront my feelings, but we don’t stay there. You always bring me back up with a joke or a song.

  3. reallydarkknight

    Dear Karen and husband,

    I appreciated what you had to say about election 2016. I can understand what you are saying, but I’m still mad as fuck because WE are going to get hit the hardest, like always. I also noticed a whole lot of people talking all that yang in the months before the election were playing Where’s Waldo for the last 18 months. It’s also funny that a lot of these same people during this election season are coming out of the closet to fuck shit up again. MIchael Moore ain’t saying shit about water in Flint with his ass on Twitter, Sarandon getting arrested smiling as she’s getting arrested, Cornel West on with Sean Hannity, Marc Lamont Hill giving an interview; not one of them is leading anything or will check themselves, but back just in time to fuck some more shit up.

    Now that shit is real fucked up and that Trump and the Republicans are systematically dismantling every advancement made over the last 8 years, are any of these folks saying, “Damn, President Obama did a lot of shit that I didn’t know about!”? Nope.

    I always say elections and advancement are like the game Jenga. It takes a long-ass time and patience to build a tower. Destroying the tower is easy as fuck, because any dumbass can do that.


  4. Freezer

    Short and sweet: Retsuko isn’t a cat, she’s a red panda. Couldn’t let that one slide.

    PS: Season to of Aggretsuko is coming in 2019.

    • AbsintheMinded

      I’m hoping that was a typo but it is two. I couldn’t let that slide. Great show as usual. Ignore anyone who suggested trying Halo Top. It is trash too. Don’t waste your taste buds, time or money on it.

  5. Raven

    The conversation y’all had about black people deciding not to vote in 2016 makes me think of an interview I just listened to with Boots Riley on the Fresh Air podcast. He was promoting his new movie, Sorry To Bother You and was talking about how he didn’t believe black people should vote in presidential elections and should focus more on local elections and activism instead. Shout out to Terry Gross for asking why we couldn’t do all of those things instead of having to choose. I didn’t really understand Boots Riley’s response to the question though. I still wanna see the movie since it’s a sci-fi story with an all black cast starring my fave Tessa Thompson but it was disappointing to hear a public figure with his platform discouraging black people from voting even now when we know how destructive Trump is.

  6. DexterFrost

    Rod and Karen, y’all almost made me crash my car with your rant on that Bull shit arctic zero mess. I didn’t see the post on twitter or I would have definitely warned you. I made the mistake of buying some a while back and had to throw that shit away. It should be against the law to call that crap ice cream. I’d recommend something better but take some time to heal brother. That said, I must admit that I was surprised that your taste buds picked it up after eating those granny smith apples (LOL)!!! #HoneyCrispistheG.O.A.T.!

    All jokes aside I have to praise you for your thoughts on the haters. My father would always say the same thing about them when they confuse confidence for arrogance. “I don’t have to say shit about myself you obviously already know who I am. Be gone thy pettiest of bastards, thou shan’t steal my joy”!

    You’ve recharged me for the day sir and madam, I went into work smiling and singing. Thank you for all that you both do to keep me sane! Much like them Honey Crisps, y’all the G.O.A.T.s!

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